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BC Glitters With Grenlec Debate Shield Featured

  • Written by  Rawle Paterson
A victory lap of celebration through Hillsborough for BC as champions of the Grenlec Debate competition A victory lap of celebration through Hillsborough for BC as champions of the Grenlec Debate competition

As a specially chartered flight was spotted coming from the western side into the Lauristan Airport carrying the victorious debaters, the celebration immediately touched the skies, as Bishop’s College created history by becoming the first institution to ensure that the GRENLEC National Secondary School debating trophy crossed the seas and will be resting on the sister isles of Carriacou and Petite Martinique for at least the next year.

Fitting and appropriately the outstanding institution copped the coveted title as the school celebrates its golden jubilee of existence. The jubilation rocketed when they defeated Presentation Brothers College in the finals, 716 to 687 points last Tuesday at the Trade centre to be crowned champions. The first announcement of the victory came during the funeral service for the late Senator Jester Emmons. It was done in light that the late Senator had a nephew on the debate team as the late Senator would have wanted.

The six member team of Shania Chase, Reon Patrice, Lelanie McLawrence, Jesmond Emmons, Jamiah John and Malaika Tucker along with coaches Wendy Andrew and Vanessa Patrice touched down with their hands filled with top prizes at the airport on Wednesday afternoon from  a well- deserved chartered flight.  They sported perpetual smiles; their hands occupied with the coveted trophy and a project cheque worth $50,000.00. The students and coaches each received an Apple MacPro Laptop and a $1,000.00 educational voucher to each of the six debaters.  Chase who was awarded the most outstanding debater throughout the competition was presented with the late former Governor General, Sir Paul Scoon’s trophy.  The school performed unbeaten throughout the competition.

On Thursday morning the celebration was taken into the walls of the institution where several parents, Chairman of the Denominational School Church Board Fr Clement Francis along with officials of the Education Department were all present for a short ceremony to show that their appreciation for the brilliant performance of the Debating Team and the school in general.

Glowing remarks came from Principal, Rholda Quamina who was present at the finals, District Education officer, Rosalina Lendore, Manager of the school Governing Boar, Fr Clement Francis, Guidance Counsellor, Rhonda McLawrence and a sample of the winning presentation from the debaters.   

Principal, Rholda Quamina, praised the entire team of debaters and coaches for such an outstanding performance. She noted the high level of sacrifice made by the entire team by enduring weekdays and weekends training to secure this victory. Against this on behalf of the school she thanked the parents for their understanding during the period of ensuring that the students/debaters were ready for the challenge.

On a lighter note she said “$50,000 in this our 50th year of celebration represents $1,000for each year of the school’s existence.”  Quamina pointed to several other competitions they will be participating in with the hope of similar results.

Area Education Officer, Rosalina Lendore, pointed out that Bishop’s College has always been an outstanding institution in the nation’s educational framework.

The former acting principal of the school said that the institution is consistently regarded as one which performs exemplarily in all of its endeavours.  She added that in light of this she is not surprised that it is celebrating as the GRENLEC Champions.  The Area Education officer noted that the school has always been at the top of CXC results and that she is confident that they would continue to be at the top in other competitions and at the 2015 external exams.

“Even from this distance we are confident that Bishop’s College would be again at the top of the class in the 2015 CXC exams as is the norm” said the area education officer.

Remarks also came from Fr. Francis, Social and Guidance Counsellor, Rhonda McLawrence who taught at the school for 25 years and the six- member debating team who each gave the audience a taste of their debating skills, which convinced us all as to why they are true champions.

The day’s activity concluded with a victory lap around the town of Hillsborough where the debaters were followed by chanting students and a caravan of honking vehicles.

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