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Rampant Theft Frustrates Fishermen

Mr. Calliste and Mr. Placid showing their fustration Mr. Calliste and Mr. Placid showing their fustration

A spate of theft of fishing gear and engines on the western side of the island is frustrating fishermen as a solution to this menacing problem continues to elude Law enforcement officers.

The theft of several engines is well-documented and only last week a fresh spate of deprivation sadly greeted several fishermen.  One of the men discovered his missing boat on a beach on the St Vincent Grenadine Island of Canouan.

Fishermen Herbert Placid, Bertrand Calliste and Francis “Defus” Joseph, were again affected due to the sticky hands of robbers. 

Placid said his third loss for the year occurred only last week when both his full tanks of gas were taken.  The prominent L’Esterre fisherman of over 40 years experience pointed out that although he then locked down his boat, which was moored in the area of  “Fejay Bay”, the thief/thieves still managed to break the locks and steal the contents.  Among fishing gear missing he said was a life jacket, which he had won for landing the nation’s heaviest fish catch a couple of years ago.

Calliste pointed out that he has been made to suffer a similar fate for the fourth time this year.  He said that on every occasion he has lost his tank of gas.  Cosmos Bristol of the L’Esterre community says it’s a shame that this is constantly happening to the local fishermen.  He pointed out that what is tough for the men is that on several occasions they couldn’t venture to raise their fish-pots when this occurred.  According to him the solution to the problem seems to be the men having to resort to the laborious and tiring exercise of taking all of their fishing gear including engines to their home.  However he said, while some who are fortunate to be residing close to the sea or have a vehicle have employed this method, it’s not practical for most of the fishermen in the community.


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