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Hillsborough Well Restored

Hillsborough Well Restored

One of the island’s oldest and most historically flavored wells has been cleaned, renovated and is about to return to its prestigious historical significance in the heart of Hillsborough.

The well, which sits on the compound of the soon to be unveiled Mermaid Tavern, has been restored by Leo Joseph.  The facility was once used as the main source of water to the compound once used to house the Government Pond house.

Joseph said that he was able to get a tractor to clean out the debris and garbage, which was at the base of the facility.  This, he said was followed by the digging of the well and the placing of gravel to create a solid and durable base.

According to him, landmarks of this nature serve as signature symbols to the island and should always be kept in pristine condition.  He said he is hoping that the same attention is paid to Ningo well in Tibeau, which is said to be the oldest on the island.   The well at Hillsborough, Joseph said, must be as old as the town itself.

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