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Residents Livid At “No Fire Tender, No Flight”

  • Written by  Rawle Paterson
Residents Livid At  “No Fire Tender, No Flight”

A high level of unprofessionalism and maybe scant regards for the passengers and general public of Carriacou touched down two weekends ago, when the fire tender fell out of commission rendering a halt in flights to and from the Lauristan Airport. 

The island’s lone fire tender experienced a mechanical problem while attending to a fire in Windward.  The problem began on the Friday afternoon and was never rectified until Sunday.  This resulted in the island not having a flight from Friday afternoon with the resumption of one at 2:30 on Sunday afternoon.

Obviously, the postponement of those flights, including the entire day on Saturday, resulted in inconvenience for scores of people both nationally and foreigners.  It also raised a series of questions in this modern era, which makes the island appear to be very primitive. 

Manager at the Airport, Jacob Andrew, confirmed that the reason for the interruption in the flights was due to the unavailability of the fire tender.

But the incident has left many asking how can this occur in 2015.

“This is 1520 not 2015 operation” said one gentleman. 

Many are questioning what if there was a health emergency and the person was required to fly immediately to the mainland.

“This is rubbish for this to be happening in Carriacou,” said one middle-aged woman.  She then continued “and we want to talk about enhancing tourism”.

Another stated that the disruption forced several people with connecting international flights to seek uncomfortable alternative forms of transport to the mainland.

“Look, on Saturdays British Airways, Caribbean Airways and Delta depart from the Maurice Bishop International Airport” she said.

“There were also so many nationals who were either stuck in Grenada or Carriacou and just couldn’t move” she further quipped.

The recent incident has also served to reactivate the question as to why an island of 13 square miles with a population of about six thousand five hundred (6,500) people, has only one fire tender.

“Imagine a flight is landing and there is a fire somewhere else” questioned another.  “How can this one fire tender service both simultaneously or what if there are two fires at the same time?” asked one who noted that he was affected by the incident.

There are unconfirmed reports that a fire tender sitting at the MBIA is intended for Carriacou but is yet to arrive on the sister isles.

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