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Warring Factions Fight For Bikers Turf

Warring Factions Fight For Bikers Turf

A war seems to be brewing between two factions of the local biking association as both contend for turf.

Reports are that a newly formed association has surfaced and is in direct competition and conflict with the Carriacou Bikers Club (CBC), which became the island’s first several years ago.

According to information, the issue blew wide open when twenty- seven (27) bikers from the mainland arrived upon invitation to participate in an event here over the Whitsuntide weekend.  Reports are that on landing, the visitors were faced by members of another group claiming that they were the ones they were asked to perform for.  However, the visiting contingent had earlier received word of a group of men who were plotting to derail the good work of the original group, in order that they can ascend as the official “bikers’ voice” on the sister isles. 

This source said, resulted in a total breakdown in what was planned with the visiting contingent for the holidays.  He added that the location which was once used in the mangrove in Brunswick is currently in need of urgent upgrade.  However he said the attitude of the members of the recently formed organization has been very discouraging and therefore they are not prepared to invest their expertise, time and money to bring the lands to a standard for any biking exhibition.

The source noted that the recently formed group is being driven by money, while the original (CBC) is into the sport for the love of entertainment and humanitarian gestures.  According to a well placed source, while they have no problem in another association being formed, they are uncomfortable with the modus-operandi of the newly formed party.

However, he said that they are moving forward with their plans which are laden with several humanitarian and community gestures, to better reflect the greater importance of the CBC.

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