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Andrew Digging Deep Into The Trenches

Andrew Digging Deep Into The Trenches

The recently installed National Democratic Congress caretaker, is wasting no time to ensure that he fully avails himself to the electorate of this twin isles constituency.

Tevin Andrew has devised a plan of meet and greet with persons in the various communities throughout both islands every Saturday.  Flanked by members of the executive and general members of the party, his move is designed to ensure that the voting population is better acquainted with him, as the new caretaker.  

The young man said that the response from the people so far is overwhelming, as he had predicted.  Andrew added that the people across the island are generally crying out for someone who would lend an ear to their unceasing plight of hardship and frustration.   He added that the fact that they have been visiting the various homes, sitting on the roadside, entering the shops to meet with the people is a clear indication that the National Democratic Congress is the only one who cares about the people.

Several of the issues he said that people are raising should be directed to the Parliamentary Representative who everyone has been saying “is only visible around election period when he is looking for votes”.

Andrew said that they have been laying out to the electorate, the plans and aspirations of the National Democratic Congress when they are voted back into office.   The level of support he said they have received from the communities they have visited thus far, is a clear indication that the Carriacou and Petite Martinique constituency is anxious for a change of representative.

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