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“Slum” Appeals For Support For The Real Jab-Jab

“Slum” Appeals For  Support For The Real Jab-Jab

One of the major contributors towards the growing success of the annual carnival festival is seeking support to ensure, that his important venture continues into the 2016 celebrations and beyond.

Steven Jacob better known as Slum says that he has already received a costing for the 2016 venture for his real jab-jab crew to be on the streets of Hillsborough for next year’s festival.

 He says that the entire venture would run into the region of twenty- five thousand dollars ($25,000).  However the ardent mas man, who has a deep passion to see the festival grow from strength to strength, pointed out that for the project to be fully realized there must be support from the business community.

Slum added that he has over the years been forced to foot several bills just to ensure that his band helps bring some color, fun, splendor and enjoyment to the annual festival.  Discussions he added have already been held with the boat to transport the masqueraders, sound system, truck and others and with the proprietor for the venue which would be housing them for the period of time while in Carriacou. He said that while he and his jab-jab crew enjoy the event, it has become impossible for him to continue investing his cash to ensure that the venture is realized annually. 

His contingent not only participates in the j’ouvert but several of them are often seen parading in the costume, pretty mas pageant bands and in Monday night mas.  

His well-organized j’ouvert band has been the main attraction during the annual Carnival Monday morning celebrations over the years.  Many are of the conviction that without the real jab-jabs on Carnival Monday morning, the j’ouvert would fall desperately short of excitement and enjoyment.

It is hoped that with next year’s festival fast approaching the business community would step forward to pledge support towards this cause. It promises to be one of high energy with the festival climaxing from the national independence bank holiday on Monday February 08.

Meantime Mr. Jacob “Slum” is expressing concerns over the snail pace at which plans are progressing for the 2016 celebrations.  He is urging actions to be taken forthwith to ensure that there is a committee in place to begin plans for the celebrations. 

The recent resignation of Randolph Fleary from the helm seems to have thrown the festival into a directionless scenario which can be damaging to the product.

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