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BC Grooming Students For Dream Profession

  • Written by  Rawle Paterson
BC Grooming Students For Dream Profession

Very often students graduate from secondary school, still puzzled of the career path they would like to pursue in their professional life.

However, Bishop’s College (BC)  has been moving ahead to allow students at the institution to begin focusing from an early age on the profession they would like to venture into;; and can, therefore, begin tailoring themselves into the necessary subject areas.

As a matter of exposing them to several professional job opportunities, the institution on Monday began its annual career week of activities where persons in the various field of endeavor have begun sharing their experiences while motivating the students to think strongly of a career path for the future. 

On Monday both Local pharmacist and Religious Pastor Junior McNeil and Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Carriacou and Petite Martinique Affairs with responsibility for Local Government career goal Javan Willians, lectured to the students on diverse areas which are all relevant to their personal development;  now and in the future. 

Pointing to Bishop’s College as an esteem Institution, Pastor McNeil told the students that although at the time of graduating from the school he wasn’t career goal, he was always  diligently in his school work.

Embracing the Topic     –Being a healthy worker—Pastor McNeil ,  who is one of the Country’s leading pharmacist  , admonished the students on the importance of God in their everyday life.  

Reminding  them that with God all things are possible Pastor McNeil who is the chief executive officer of Hills and Valley Pharmacy says that is important for a successful business to always have healthy workers.

  “There are several encouraging successes with a healthy work force”. Said McNeil.

He says that a healthy work force would be able to improve, Productivity, Business performance, staff moral, employee engagement, pressure on fellow members of staff among others.

“Its one thing to get sick but it could have a rippling effect among colleagues,” said McNeil. 

However he pointed out that there are some illnesses which occur without any prior notice.

 Williams  dealt with the issue of  –Professionalism and work  ethics . He told the students that they must first understand the culture they would be working in.

The culture he says  varies from  island to island and Country to Country and therefore warn the students to be mindful of the culture in which they have chosen.

“Professionalism is determine by the culture”. Said the Permanent secretary.

He called on the students to always seek ways to build their communication skills and to always carry a proper and confident demeanor.

“ You always have to be honest and truth to yourself”. Williams warned the students.

Head of the social sciences department at the School, Lysha Fleary , says that both Mr McNeil and Mr Williams gave the perfect start towards the week of activities.

She had pointed out that the week would have professionals from various sectors of the society who were to speak to the students on various fields of endeavor.  She says that Wednesday the students were expected to come attire for their dream profession and on Friday they are to be taken to various work sites to get hands on training on what the job entails .

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