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Steill Surges To The Top Featured

  • Written by  Rawle Paterson
File photo - Nimrod and Steill, who is likely to be  his successor File photo - Nimrod and Steill, who is likely to be his successor

As the search quickens for a successor to the incumbent Member of Parliament for the sister isles, New National Party’s, Hon Elvin Nimrod when he decides to bid farewell to public life; Simon Steill seems to be creating the biggest and most telling impact in all of the names proposed, to take over the reins when that moment arrives.

Last week Steill who is the Leader of Government Business in the Senate, was seen in some of the polling divisions where he has strong family ties.

His arrival has been receiving positive reviews and there is a strong team of NNP supporters who have already declared their hand that he is best suited to fill the gap, whenever Nimrod decides to ride out into the political sunset.

Several people have indicated to Informer’s inside Carriacou and Petite Martinique that they are now settled with Steill as the best choice for the NNP.

Persons in the business community have openly thrown their support behind him.

Steill also took the opportunity to visit Petite Martinique with his parents where they have deep family roots.  He was taken around by a top supporter of the party who was disenchanted but has decided to return on board because of the presence of Steill.

This individual who is well respected in the tuna trade and has the most sophisticated boat in the industry says he is confident that Steill would “clean up the sister isles of Petite Martinique”.

Several of his relatives who have voted for the National Democratic Congress (NDC) has approached Informer’s Inside Carriacou and Petite Martinique over the weekend to indicate that they would be supporting “we cousin at the next general elections”.

Saturday the “Vanishing Sails” documentary was shown on the island of Petite Martinique but in several pockets, Steill was the nature of the discussion.

“Rawle Boy I prepare to put my job on the line to go out and support him.

He has deep family roots here and I’m confident, knowing Petite Martinique culture, that they would support him, thus making him a real strong candidate”, said the individual.

A relative, when quizzed about the visit by Steill openly expressed, “we have been NDC supporters all our life but we will have to support him as we are close family”, said the father of the family of six.

He also pointed out that he expects Steill to do well with those in the tuna trade.

Another rooted supporter and activist of the NDC was reported to have declared that he is prepared to support Steill.  

“Stiell is the best man to replace Nimrod and he is a brilliant and well respected individual”, said another NNP supporter.

“He, apart from Dwight Logan has the largest support on the island of Petite Martinique”, said another.

On the island of Carriacou there is a wave of support for Steill as several have already indicated that they see him as the most suitable choice.

“I will support him two and even three hundred percent”, said member of the current New National Party executive.

Another NNP supporter pointed out that Steill has always been a member of the New National Party and reminded that his father (Kervin Steill) once served as the Personal Assistant to Minister Nimrod.

“Simon along with Dr Patrick Antoine was the ones who met with us to put the Carriacou and Petite Martinique version of the national manifesto of the party together at the 2013 general elections.

Therefore he of all the prospective persons to replace Nimrod is the most suitable and most qualified as he is already deep into the needs of the people of the sister isles”, he said.

Another pointed out that Simon is like a senior member of the government and therefore he already has a handle on what is expected and should be handed the baton when the time comes.

“Simon’s like Stewart’s (Kindra Mathurine) marks are on the corner stone of the party and therefore they are the ones worthy of consideration as they have worked hard to build this organization when some others were looking to tear it down

However I think that Steill is more popular and has roots throughout most of the polling divisions so will fill the void better than Stewart”, said a former member and current stalwart of the NNP.

Reports are that he is also gaining some traction in the other polling divisions.  Steill is reported to also have some quality support in the south of the island. 

One businessman in the hotel sector said that he was impressed with his handling of the tourism sector when Steill was Director of Tourism.

“He is a polished and well organized individual. No wonder why he has been climbing the ranks of the government so quickly.

Of all the names, he is my choice as I know he will keep the party support together and would bring further development to the sister isles”, said the businessman who operates in the heart of Hillsborough.

Two men from the water taxi operation have also pointed to the professional manner in which Steill handled the sector while he was head of the then Grenada Board of Tourism.

“I’m not into politics but if I have to vote he will be the one I will be voting for”, said one of them.

Two senior members of the public said that they have always described Simon Steill as “a most decent and respectable individual”.

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