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Great Welcome For Bishop Harvey

  • Written by  Rawle Paterson
Great Welcome For Bishop Harvey

The music and song of a joyful noise unto the Lord bellowed out last week Wednesday at the Hillsborough Jetty to welcome newly ordained Roman Catholic Bishop to this Country, Clyde Harvey, as he landed on Carriacou soil; and there was a similar welcome as he set foot on Petite Martinique the following day.

On arrival, the Bishop was met by both local priests, Fr Ivanuius and Fr Evaristus together with Chairman of the Pastoral Committee for St Patrick’s, Cosmos Bristol. 

As he journeyed from the jetty, the Bishop greeted everyone as he encountered Roman Catholics from both the St Patrick’s and St Peter and St Paul Parishes who came with their voices to give him a Carriacou welcome. The welcoming contingent included several children who the bishop took the time to interact with. He also greeted other members of the general public. 

A procession accompanied by singing and string band music took him from the jetty to the St Patrick’s Church in Hillsborough, where he made a short address to those in attendance. On his journey to the church, he met and greeted the public and even went into some businesses houses to interact with staff and patrons.

On Wednesday evening the Bishop conducted a service to a packed St Patrick’s Church in Hillsborough.

On Thursday Roman Catholics on the sister isle of Petite Martinique braved the rains to attend a mass at the Secret Heart Church there.  

Speaking to Informer’s Inside Carriacou and Petite Martinique, Bishop Harvey pointed out that it is his hope that people could continue to find multiple reasons to keep serving the Lord.

He said that the welcome on both islands was extremely hospitable. He acknowledged that this is what the Carriacou and Petite Martinique people are best known for.

“You all are great at meeting and greeting people and I want this to remain with the people of Carriacou and Petite Martinique

Jesus welcomed everyone and at the table of the Lord there are no strangers”, said the newly installed Bishop.

He said that God gives gifts to everyone and it will be his mission to find those gifts and help people to nurture them so that by the time he departs, the sister isles would be a better place than when arrived.

Both Chairman of the St Patrick’s Pastoral Parish Council, Cosmos Bristol and Eucharistic Minister of the Roman Catholic faith, Henry Stiell say that for him to have visited the sister isles so soon after his ordination speaks volume for the high quality of the man.

“Immediately it is clear that he is a people’s person, which is a great, positive for the church and the country as a whole”, said both men.

Bishop Harvey who returned to the mainland following Thursday’s service on Petite Martinique said that he expects to be back here sometime after August 21st.  

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