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The United Homosexual States Of America AMERICA IN CR –I.S.I.S

  • Written by  Justin McBurnie
The United Homosexual States Of America AMERICA IN CR –I.S.I.S

The scriptures say that America would be destroyed in one hour because she exported her immorality to the world.

The president of the United States would go down in history as the black leader who sold out America to Satan, whole heartedly and unconditionally.

The Supreme Court would not be your scapegoat. You should have done like Pilate in the scriptures AND WASH YOUR HANDS. The most immoral country of the world is not North Korea, nor China, nor Russia, nor Syria and Iraq, nor Boko Haram in Nigeria but… THE UNITED HOMO- SEXUAL- STATE OF- BULLING- AMERICA.

With all the religions of the world based in America, this criminal piece of legislation to pass “The American free Homo Sexual Bulling Bill”; is much worse than all the heads that I.S.I.S have chopped off.

It is much worse than all the atrocities committed by Boko Haram, Al-Q’aeda and The Taliban. It is also worse than all the terrorist acts of Hezbollah, Al-Shabzz and others.

The world is shocked over the passing of this evil legislation giving licenses to bulling to all male Americans.

This piece of legislation is worse than the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. The news that OH-BAM-HER and the Supreme Court have together legalized ‘BOOMING’ for the west, has come as a SHOCK not only to ELECTRICITY but to the entire religious world and the Pope.

It has surpassed the bombing of the TRADE CENTER by so- called terrioists.

It has surpassed the wickedness of Adolph Hitler, the Allied invasion of Germany; it has surpassed the evils of slavery and colonialism. So in America today a man can date a man and have a family and man now has the legal right to marry a man.

Already in America the home of the brave and now the coward, marijuana, cocaine and bulling are now legal.

The Caribbean and the rest of the sane world must do everything not to adopt this American culture, as it is a CURSE and the way to hell fire for all homosexuals and lesbians. There are now three sure candidates for hell; President OH-BAM-HER, POPE and the Supreme court. America had set the world an example for human rights, morality and good over evil, but has now married the entire nation to Satan.

America is no longer the Religious /Human Rights model of the entire world. God has now weakened America’s military and has opened her to all enemies and to all natural disasters. Her allies and Europe will also fall with her making way for the last super power, China. WE STAND FOR GOD IS A WELL KNOWN CATHOLIC CHURCH SONG.

On the American dollar is printed these words IN GOD WE TRUST but as seen today with the legalization of homos and gays in all the fifty two states THAT IS A BIG LIE. The fall of religious America is the fall of Christianity, Christendom and the resurgence of communism and atheism.

What a great shame that the WEST (America), has replaced God with BAMSEEISM! The Caribbean and the West Indies, Africa and the Pacific ex-slave colonies must discontinue having lesbians and homosexuals in their societies and worship God the creator and keep the TEN COMANDMENTS. All countries following the way of America’s legislation to BULL will be destroyed by the creator.

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