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Merger Should End Flow’s Colourful Disrespect

  • Written by  Rawle Paterson

Anticipation is already running high that the recent merger between Flow and Lime would bring about a better form of respect to subscribers of Flow’s cable network.

For years residents of the sister isles have been treated with scant courtesy and wide disrespect by the Flow operation.  This has led to several customers severing ties with the company as they constantly lamented that the service provided often breached the contract when signing on to one of the many packages on offer.

  There are times when some of the channels are out of commission and no apology or even a rebate to its customers.  A classic example was during the recent ICC World T-20 cricket championship when subscribes were forced to scout the internet to watch the games on their computers, laptops or other devices simply because the main cable provider encountered major problems in airing such an important event. 

This cable service is one of the epitomes of the level of disparity which occurs between Mainland Grenada and sister isles Carriacou and Petite Martinique.  On the mainland there is a proliferation of channels to choose from; channels of great substance which can surely attract the attention of viewers.  However in Carriacou choices at even the main package are extremely slim.  One wonders why the company has over the years failed to offer the residents of Carriacou a choice at those channels.  Are they of the opinion that residents of the sister isles don’t deserve the best or they cannot afford it?  Most of the channels available to the local residents can best be described as mediocre and a survey would show that there are several of those channels which never attract the eyes of several of their customers.  There is a common consensus that several of those channels are posted into the packages simply to increase on numbers offered and not quality with interest to the local population.

Several persons have now resorted to other means of viewing cable channels.  Their frustration has boiled over to a fret.  The company needs to show a greater level of respect and appreciation to its customers. There are times when channels are not working and other cases when they are simply removed from the package without a word of notice to paying scribers.  Gross disrespect!!!  Once your bill goes into arrears for about two or three months you can rest assured that a call is coming your way to update your payment plan.  And surely that’s the correct way to do business as subscribers need to adhere to the arrangement which they agreed to at the time of entering into a contract with the company. 

However, how is it that when channels you paid for in that same contract package are not working there isn’t a call of apology or a refund from the company.  Flow needs to appreciate its customers as much as the customers respect the company.  They seem to only want to make rules to their game.  Customers are who keeps the company afloat and therefore they must be afforded the highest form of courtesy and respect they truly deserve.  The problem with the people of Carriacou and Petite Martinique is that we are very passive and allow companies of this nature to steam roll over us despite the fact that we are paying and paying good too for a service.  Only in Carriacou can such advantage be tolerated.   

But the decision taken to change the face of the company sends a refreshing colour to the eyes of all viewers.  Lime has long been in operation here and they should have a better appreciation of what is required to excite the viewing interests of the residents and not just dump a cluster of meaningless channels on its customers.  One expects them to do a thorough research on the needs of the present and potential customers to best reflect their viewing desire.  Once the package is exciting then I am certain that customers would have no resistance subscribing to the various packages.  Presently most of the channels are simply trash—debris.  When a cable company is offering a package as is currently done in Carriacou there must be a pleasant diversity to encapsulate the wide ranging interest of viewers.  The current packages have deviated from such.   

It is expected that the merger would be reflected in the merging of ideas on what best saddles into the needs of this small population which has as much a desire as any mainlander for the best of what cable channels have to offer. This high level of anticipation comes from the fact that the current local Lime Manager, Dexter Lendore is a people’s person who understands, appreciates and gives reasonable consideration to the needs of his customers.   The swelling passion for the best is ever yearning here in Carriacou as it is for mainland Grenada.  And what about Petite Martinique are there any plans in this new marriage to deliver them from not ever having such an important service to now landing the operation on their shores?   Don’t take them for granted because of the small population. A brief survey on their cable requirement may well bring a pleasant profitable smile to a smart business brain.   

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