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What does a business coach do?

  • Written by  Adanna Austin MBA BSc Master Business Coach
What does a business coach do?

This is a question I get asked regularly from persons who may not be sure exactly how coaching can help. This concept is still relatively new to the Caribbean even though it has taken off by leaps and bounds in the United States and in Europe. But as more and more businesses are opening and more entrepreneurs are prepping to take their business to the next level in Grenada, during these tough economic times the need for a business coach becomes even more relevant.

With the growth of the renewable energy sector locally, a coach is also critical if you are considering entering a new sphere of business. It is not just about hiring the next best marketer, web designer or social media strategist; more entrepreneurs want to understand how to grow their business themselves so even when tasks are delegated to more experienced persons, they understand the ins and outs of the operations. Many also recognize a need to get much clearer on exactly where their business is going over the next few years and with the support of a coach, they develop a strategy to cement a solid plan of action. 


What exactly does a business coach do?

As your coach in this exclusive series with the Grenada Informer, we will work together to align your business to your dream. The coaching process starts with your overall goal and then we break it down into the actionable steps you need to take to reach that goal. We do a proper evaluation of exactly where your business is presently and where you would like to see it reach. And we partner to develop and implement strategies that will create a sustainable business model.Every conversation we have, you will leave with an assignment to complete. I hold you accountable to that and we celebrate each step along the way.


As your coach, I support you along the journey and help you identify where your weak spots may be so you can develop systems and strategies to grow your business and increase your revenue.It is like having a consistent partner in business, a personal cheerleader and an accountability partner rolled up into one.


What does a business coach not do?

A business coach is not a therapist. So while I may take into account any emotional or psychological issues an entrepreneur may be experiencing, as your coach, I will not offer advice about personal and physical challenges that you face. The role of a coach is to look to the future while acknowledging your past but not focusing on it.  While the past plays a pivotal role in how you move forward, as your coach, I will continually encourage you to keep moving forward and not dwell on experiences, which may not have worked out in the past.


Your coach does not do the work for you, but helps you recognize your abilities to do what needs to be done right now.


Your coach is your business partner but will not take any financial risk or invest in your business. Your coach may also recommend products and services they have used but every entrepreneur must seek due diligence when trying anything new.


Your coach is not your financial advisor or your lawyer and would also guide you to seek professional services when it is required.


What is the outcome of investing in a coach?

The outcome varies depending on the goal set out when you hire a coach. Some people see a marked increase in their visibility. Others are more motivated and inspired to push beyond their boundaries and of course many, experience a drastic increase in their revenue and output. The outcome really depends on your input. The action that you take based on the work that you do with your coach will determine the outcome you receive. 

The Caribbean and Grenada at large, is a very unique space where business is concerned. Even though many Caribbean islands are experiencing some decline in their economies, every day new businesses are popping up to answer the challenges faced by many citizens. More boutique-like services, which cater to the specific needs of the population, are forming so that a new emerging class of business is now the main stay of most Caribbean islands. The challenge many businesses in Grenada are facing is how to create a unique voice in the noise of all the other similar businesses, which are also growing. This is a huge challenge and something that a coach can help any entrepreneur navigate. Because it is in times like these that smaller businesses thrive and if more entrepreneurs were able to develop and sustain a solid foundation as they start their businesses, then their futures will be solidified in the Caribbean market. 


ADANNA AUSTIN is a renowned Caribbean Master Business Coach based in Trinidad and Tobago, operating across the Caribbean Region. She has supported more than 500 entrepreneurs to develop a winning mindset, increasing their profitability by 50%, resulting in 35% in new sales and clients.  She is also a prolific Conference Speaker and Writer.

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