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RAW PERSPECTIVE: Carriacou Ignited House Flame

  • Written by  Rawle Paterson
RAW PERSPECTIVE: Carriacou Ignited House Flame

The rough and rugged process, which swept the sister isles as three jostled to receive the caretaker-ship baton from Mr Elvin Nimrod, may well be the catalyst for the current gentle shaking of the house that serves as the home of the ruling New National Party (NNP).

Currently, both Terrence Forrester in the Constituency of South St George and former member of Parliament for St David’s Joslyn Whiteman are publicly upset with the direction the party they have helped to build – is taking.

 Their disgust is open, as they have not hesitated to make known their disapproval.  Incidents of this nature often have a rippling effect as persons in other constituencies with a similar perception of things can follow suit.  However for someone or anything to follow it clearly means that there was a start somewhere, by someone.  

In this case, the heated situation, which combed Carriacou and Petite Martinique during the race as to who would emerge in this constituency may well have been the first scratch of the match that ignited the flame.  

Often people look for support and confidence to vent and when one starts, it serves as the inspiration and confidence for others to openly vent; it’s human nature.  The situation in Carriacou and Petite Martinique prior to the announcement that Kindra Mathurine-Stewart had been selected was very much out of context for the New National Party in this twin isle constituency.  

Not even when Mr Nimrod was selected as a senator for Carriacou and Petite Martinique under an NNP banner after he had ran independently, was there this form of contention.  

Thankfully for them, it has vanished into thin air as most who were rallying for either Simon Steill and Norland Cox have decided to throw their weight behind the female attorney-at-law.

But the build up to this point wasn’t smooth and while there was a calm and composed demeanour among supporters of both Mathurine-Stewart and Steill, there was a completely diverse attitude from those who supported Cox.  Yes, they are all New National Party supporters (well the Raw Perspective guesses so) but there were some for the current Carriacou and Petite Martinique senator who characterised the campaign for him by being loud and at times very abrasive in their quest to promote him. This style of campaigning was made public throughout the country from Madam Pierre in the north of Petite Martinique to Point Salines in the south on the mainland.  One can only assume that this attitude may have incensed a section of the party on the mainland to step forward and do likewise.  

From the Raw Perspective’s recollection, this is the first time that such open dissatisfaction with the party has played out so publicly as is being done on the mainland.  Even after the announcement was made of Mathurine-Stewart’s selection there were still some minor pockets refusal to accept by some supporters of the party.  However, such noises have since quieted as the female candidate with her dedicated and loyal supporters and surrogates have been doing a commendable job of reining in the forces once again.

However, it must be known that the at times bitter campaign leading to the announcement served as a measuring stick for others to come forward to challenge the ruling of the New National Party.  Democracy is always the root, which feeds any organisation with the nutrients it needs to strive. And therefore to challenge is good, proper and decent.  But one wonders had the Carriacou and Petite Martinique situation played out harmoniously from the start, whether it would have affected the actions of Mr Forrester and Mr Whiteman.  

During my studies in China, Mr Whiteman was Grenada’s ambassador there. He was the best you could have asked for. His relationship with the Chinese at various levels including at the top made all the students proud. The Chinese always indicated that he was in a special class above his regional and other international counterparts there.  He was a force and a true statesman, which made us all proud as students from this tri island state.  

When he had to leave following the NNP’s defeat at the 2008 polls it brought tears to our eyes as his replacement fell way short of what we had become accustomed to while studying in China.   Mr Whiteman was always quick to award outstanding performances and recognise this country’s important dates. This clearly demonstrated that he was first, a natural people’s person and a politician after.

I cannot speak of Mr Forrester, as I cannot ever recall interacting with the gentleman. However, both men must be cognizant of the fact this country is all about party politics and has no room for independent candidates.  The only candidate to have made a serious bid for victory as an independent was Mr Nimrod in 1995 when he narrowly lost to Joan Purcell of the National Democratic Congress by a mere thirteen (13) votes.

However while fences are being rapidly mended in the interest of the party, it is clear from a Raw Perspective that the Carriacou and Petite Martinique scenario lit the fire.  Or did I hear one say that it’s just a mere coincidence? Well well!! Think again.


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