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SHOOTING BREEZE: Was Carnival really a success?

  • Written by  Mike Raffie Knowles Mc Quilkin TVOS

The rookie had a problem keeping her mouth shut with her claim that 2013 carnival was a success, when transmission traffic out of Grenada kept flowing like the Balthaza river on a rainy day dictating that it was a complete failure. 


New in office, one would have expected her to begin a process of building creditability with the public, but she had to jump and put her mouth in gear trying to save face and did a great deal of damage to her image. Claiming success because a boat came up from Trinidad with just under four hundred visitors which is just a drop in the bucket, when you think of the thousands of Grenadians residing in that country just one hundred miles to the south of Point Salines, and another few hundred put together from North America and Europe is a big joke.  

Did she carry out a survey with the departing visitors down at MBIA, the hotels, and the vendors through the island, before jumping and making such claims? If four bands represent a success to her, then what’s her criterion for failure when every show fell flat on its face? I am certain that the thieves that broke into Mrs. Lambert’s place of business and carting away her entire carnival stock must have been disappointed at not being able to make a killing from the loot because the vendors kept on singing the blues better that B.B. King. She had the right idea to begin with traveling to sell a product, but the product was not ready to go to market and it back fired on her. 

Granted that it was too short a time to attempt to do what she had done, her advisors should have warned her about attempting to market a product that was not ready, which ended up doing more harm than good.  Let her go and talk that success nonsense to the family of six from London, Ottawa, or California that spent thousands of dollars to travel to St George’s for the celebration and ended up getting no bang for the dollar. In this tight economic times, one can’t go running around taking people for granted and attempting to sell them an empty bag, because they are going to remember come crunch time. If you can recall, I had warned her about heading down south trying to sell mas to the citizens of Trinidad and Tobago, and now she is out in public trying to put on a brass face with a big lie.  

Why don’t government see fit now to begin sponsoring six bands per parish of four hundred strong, so that both local and visitors would have something to see beginning next year. Today’s mas in basic feathers and that won’t cost a bundle to produce, when you can put the boys and girls up in Richmond Hill to begin working on that early. What you spend can be recouped through VAT because you would have a heavy flow of visitors, and when they spend they must pay VAT. I said it before, that if you want people to come to Grenada in numbers, you must have a solid package to sell them, and please leave the beach out of the sales pitch. 

Get the squatters out from Seamoon and bring back the horse racing, that those three hundred plus could have been part of a weekly excursion coming for that. Get on a drive and bring back the orchestras to entertain people of all age groups, and make sure that everything is not centered in St George’s. There are so many little things that can be done to attract a steady flow of visitors into Grenada, but the main problem is that you guys in position don’t listen period. Correct me if I am wrong, and support me if I am right. I am Mike Raffie Knowles Mc Quilkin TVOS.

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