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Time to Practice What We Preach

  • Written by  The Editor

Over the past few weeks in an effort to better understand the public’s view on the quality and the relevance of the Informer I have been conducting various forms of investigations and surveys. While several have been very pleasant and interesting some are cause for serious concern. 


However, at the recent carnival season I was forced to do some reflection and introspection, as we at the Informer firmly believe that it is time we all practice what we preach. Reflecting on the very popular and relevant song by the late great Whitney Huston she said; “I believe the children are our future teach them well and let them lead the way……….” formed part of her chart topping hit ‘Greatest Love of All.’

However soaking in the actions of Carnival 2013, I am forced to ask, how can we be so contradictory taking into account those words has become a maxim that has only not been borrowed but used multiple times by many politicians as a part of their campaigns, parents’ method of discipline and even sermons used by many pastors within our society.

What was alarming is that the newspaper in some quarters of society has been labeled as insensitive, because of several ‘gruesome pictures’ that were placed on its front page. However looking at the live scenes that many of our country’s youths were engaged in left more questions than answers, as looking at the recently held Carnival Jouvert and other activities posed the biggest contradiction.

 I must commend the Ministry of Culture under the dynamic guidance and leadership of Senator Hood. I was spell bound by the impressive behavior of the children.  The children’s carnival was well put together and executed and therefore all involved should be commended for great foresight and leadership.

The children enjoying and portraying carnival was unbelievably put together and demonstrated; however several songs being played by several of the bands on Jouvert morning coupled with the behavior and action of some adults left us wondering if we truly practice what we preach.

I must state that this is certainly one example of the contradictory actions by adults on the streets and at many events during carnival. We must be cognizant, that it is actions like these that certainly will create that atmosphere   of confusion among out nation’s children because of their inability to differentiate right from wrong.

I must admit, that while they were no physical incidents that warranted police action in terms of violence, the behavior by several women mass players can be viewed as being loose and irresponsible.

Looking also at the careless approach and actions of several adults, the argument is fitting regarding ‘who is really delinquent - the child or adult?

 This becomes more evident when onlookers and visitors to the country have to look in awe at the acts of many which was broadcast live on local television and streamed via internet. How can we expect our children, who are expected to be our future leaders to respond?

Prior to the holding of general elections, the country was plagued with several political and national issues and the youths were identified as the sole problem behind this bane.

 As Grenada and its people continue to develop, we have witnessed many debates on a number of issues affecting youths and while government certainly has to be concerned owing to the many and continuous projects and programmes that it has implemented especially with regards to the Imani Project.

Government, supported and backed by various stakeholders have all contributed their two cents on how they think that they can effectively address the several inappropriate issues and concerns faced in the country. However, the icing on the cake was the scene that this newspaper witnessed during the staging of Jouvert. 

While both the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Tourism continues to execute initiatives geared at further promoting and enhancing the country’s image their attempts received a slap in the face, when some women evidently inappropriately dressed further conducted themselves in the most despicable and disgraceful manner while dubbing it as being part of the country’s culture. 

Martin Bedeau on his regular radio morning programme put it nicely; “…we seem to have accepted something that is alien to us and call it our culture when it isn’t. We need to conduct ourselves in a professional and mature manner regardless of carnival or not.”  As such, we must recognize that the long or short of it is that we all must understand that having a great time doesn’t mean behaving loose, irresponsible or unethical all this lip service needs to come to an immediate end. 

 We need to pay more attention to our young people; it is not good for anyone to suggest this if there is no meaningful example being set for our future leaders to pattern themselves after.

We must understand that our country’s misguided youth are those whom we are guilty of neglecting, who were abused, refused, dropped out of school, left unattended by the television and if we are honest, would have been contributed to and or created by a parent, guardian or some trusted adult.

Therefore, the time is now for us all to show our youths that our behavior matches and truly depicts what we preach and is thus perfect to emulate. The time is now for us to further invest in our future thus helping to secure and charter their future in a more responsible and mature manner. It is time, that we understand that the pathway for investments should be made as we seek to help create a better and wiser society; let us all stop the talking and start showing the action as there continues to be too much talk and less action. 

Speaking to many young people, they have all indicated that they are talked about rather than talked too, which they noted aids in the growth of the problem rather than its solution.

Some years ago, while making similar comments on the very issue a colleague of mine pointed me to the lyrics of Tanya Stephen, who he drew to my attention had this in one of her songs; ‘when our action doesn’t mirror what comes from our lips simply means we must be a nation of hypocrites, politicians come from among us as far as I can see if something is wrong with them, then something wrong with we…and it’s a little insane when the bullets start raining when we are the creator (s). 

Fair responsible and unbiased.

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