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Bail Denied For  Twenty-Two Year Old Murder Accused

Bail Denied For Twenty-Two Year Ol…

Twenty-two-year-old Dilei...

One Villager Injured in Mount Toute Shooting

One Villager Injured in Mount Toute…

With four criminal charge...

Fire Destroys House In Telescope

Fire Destroys House In Telescope

Police are investigating ...

Changing the Game - In the Limes

Changing the Game - In the Limes

It was an exciting aftern...

New Port On Schedule in Carriacou

New Port On Schedule in Carriacou

The Tyrell Bay port is on...

4 Grenadian U15 cricketers off to Windward Islands duties

4 Grenadian U15 cricketers off to W…

Four Grenadian cricketers...

GMC Test & Tune Event Honours Nigel Cadoo

GMC Test & Tune Event Honours N…

On Sunday 16th July 2017,...

Vin Blaine takes up duties as GFA’s New Technical Director

Vin Blaine takes up duties as GFA’s…

Jamaican Born Vinimore Bl...

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Injustice Declared Just; May God Defeat That

 We are trying to say that the man who held three girls for ten years and raped them is right, not guilty. We are concluding that the person who went into a school and murdered little children and some who taught them is right.  Are we concluding that the man who went into a concert hall and murdered many persons should be set free?  

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Now We Have A Better Chance For Agriculture

In this present age we have a better chance to use agriculture in Grenada to give us all the jobs that we need; then we will be able to do what is needed to liberate Africa from its present slavery of not making use of its resources of Gold, Silver, Diamond, Uranium, Oil, Lumber to be the sources to bring employment to Africans and their black brothers worldwide.  

Follow me in my journey to set Africa free to rise as any successful nation in the world.  We have to look at what we did in Grenada when we were unable to get the foreign supplies that supported us.  That is part of the infinite ground and Spiritual Vision of our Lord and Creator upon which we will stand.  Without foreign aid of man, we went to the agricultural lands with very little modern aid. That blossomed into miraculous success as we moved and advanced with all the successes that gave us victory.  Everything we touched came out gloriously charming and inspiring pushing us up the ladder of advancement for the survival that helped to make us what we have become.

Walking without any shoes, in the rain and sunshine, we planted all kinds of food and vegetables ever known to us found in the forest and anywhere where we settled by those who had brought us to Grenada as slaves.   For inspiration and strength we chanted hymns of grace to our God of creation. As we did that we worked with great vision and understanding of the God who gave us all that we needed to move onward. 

      Here are some of the resources that we used.   We went in the fields and mountains where we collected wild yams, potato, dasheen, corn, cane, breadfruit, breadnuts, coconut, cassava, mango, plums, apples, and an endless number of other plants and animals, to include the oppossum, the armadillo, birds, fishes in the rivers and ravines.  We built endless types of devices to cultivate the lands and gather the crops, and turn them into all kinds of goods to meet our needs.  We turned the corn and cassava into flour that were as good and nutritious as the imported rice, wheat flour and sugar. Our cane was squeezed to make cane juice, which was added to our chocolate tea.  That cane juice was converted into rum, while our grapes and other fruits were turned into different wines. These are the stages the big nations may have gone through before they were able to have these great modern machinery for cultivation, reaping crops, and turning them into goods and supplies for local and worldwide use; so we can follow a similar procedure. 

       Next step was to embrace a structure of a ten to twenty year plan covering a number of acres of land in Grenada to provide sufficient jobs for youths after graduation, and adults who were looking for employment.  Our methods of cultivation will be with modern technology.  We may have started that already, so we will move to broaden that to cover wider areas of the Grenada agricultural departments.  The plan can outline all the different items that will be cultivated, how the products will be sold, where they will be marketed: in Africa and other highly developed nations, what we may do in the event that everything did not work out as it should, the procedures that will be taken to make corrections so that there will be no hesitation to go ahead with the plan, insurance that would be put in place to cover any kind of loss, African nations and other groups should be ready to continue the plan no  matter what may develop. We are going into the plan with the positive feeling that we must succeed or we will be ready to make changes in this master agricultural outlook that embrace our total agricultural resources, just as when we could not get supplies from foreign lands we boldly created our own masterpiece to feed ourselves. Through that attitude we came out victorious.  Success comes to those who never turn back after deciding that they have to get through with the infinite God of creation whose spiritual engineering enables the world to operate as we behold. Since others have succeeded we can too. Do we have enough money in Banks to shoulder such a project? Yes! But we have to go the way that involves those big nations that are now enjoying the resources of Africa and others. We will find some good friends like those who have aided us before.  I will be back. Just trying to help. 

Rev. Matthew Rae.

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Become Healthy by What You Eat & Drink Daily

When I was 8 and 10 years old my mother and father ran a shop stocked with a wide variety of foods; so I was engaged in using some of the products that were not very good for health.

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