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POLICE BEATEN IN TOWN Calls for action against partner’s inaction Featured

  • Written by  The Grenada Informer
POLICE BEATEN IN TOWN Calls for action against partner’s inaction

 As members of the public rehash last Thursday’s public beating of a police in the heart of the city by a bus conductor there is a public out cry for urgent action against his fellow officer for what many consider his unwillingness to assist his partner whose life was in danger.

Addressing one local media earlier this week head of the Police Public Relations Department Gregory Mathurine upon admitting that a member of the public beat Corporal 38 Albert Roberts said the issue of his fellow officer’s inaction is presently under investigation.

 Sources told the Grenada Informer that the young officer, whose name has not been released for obvious reasons, has since been transferred to a rural police station while his matter is being investigated.

 One police officer who declined to have his name posted, told the Informer that, without getting the real facts, just by viewing the incident on social media, this officer is not worthy of wearing the uniform of the Royal Grenada Police Force.

 The senior officer said coming to the assistance of a fellow officer or even a member of the public whose life is in danger is a given, and this is drilled into police officers in training school almost on a daily basis, and therefore he added, there can be absolutely no excuse for such behavior.

 Having viewed the clips over and over the officer said, a charge of cowardice should be leveled against that officer, to be followed by instant dismissal.         

 Meanwhile Corporal 38 Roberts who is on sick leave was treated at the General Hospital and released. Informer was told that he has been advised by doctors to take some time off from the job to rest.

 The bus conductor Jamie Stewart  a resident of St George who was portrayed as the aggressor in the drama on the streets of St Georges last Thursday made his first court appearance at the St George’s Magistrate’s Court last Friday where four charges were leveled against him. 

Among the charges were assault of a Police Officer in the execution of his duty, resisting arrest, insulting language and picking up a passenger outside of a prescribed bus stop. 

Stewart is presently remanded to the Richmond Hill Prison and is due to make a second court appearance on February 2nd.  

  Meanwhile reports have been circulating that Stewart who was also treated for injuries at the General Hospital was allegedly beaten by the police while in their custody, those allegations have since been dismissed by the RGPF as false.

   As our reporter probed for the facts surrounding this incident sources told the Informer that it all started when the bus conductor was confronted by the Officer for picking up a passenger outside the bus terminus, refused to comply with Officer Roberts.

Informer learned that Officer Roberts then attempted to arrest the young man but found himself on the wrong side of the confrontation, being punched in the face several times as he struggled to subdue the bus conductor, before a member of the public came to his assistance and the perpetrator was taken into police custody. 

Just before news time on Tuesday  Informer learned that the second officer who failed to assist Roberts was placed on leave pending further investigations into the matter.

Last Thursday’s clash with police officers is not a first time for that particular bus conductor who sources said is still of school age but no longer attends the secondary school in St. David’s he once did for unconfirmed reasons. Meanwhile, if convicted on all four charges Stewart faces a heavy fine, imprisonment in excess of five years or both.

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