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GET OFF THE STREETS OR ELSE..... Grenville Sidewalk Vendors Given DEADLINE Featured

  • Written by  Davis Joseph
Vendors plying their trade on the streets of Grenville Vendors plying their trade on the streets of Grenville

Street vendors in the Town of Grenville are taking serious issue with what they describe as an attempt by one man to put them out of a living.

According to the affected vendors, they were not given notice by the police to clear the streets, although they are aware that street vending is illegal. However the Informer has learnt that a   letter was distributed just over a week ago by a political activist who claims that he is now second in command at the Grenville Market Square.

The letterhead of the letter bears the name; Ministry of Communications, Works, Physical Development, Public Utilities ITC and Community Development. 

Grenville Market, to all street vendors town of Grenville 20th May 2015. The letter goes on to state, please be advised of the following.

Sidewalk vending is illegal and unsafe. It is in violation of the laws of Grenada according to section 137, subsection 7&8 of the 2010 continuous revised laws of Grenada, to leave goods on a footway or to hang goods over a footway. Footway refers there to the side walk. There is limited space still available in the market for persons wishing to sell vegetables and provisions, persons selling other type of goods such as clothes, groceries etc. on the sidewalk can apply for a booth but space is also limited.

The last day for sidewalk vending in Grenville is May 30th. As of June 1st the Grenville police will be taking action against persons who break the law by vending on the sidewalk or street. 

The Ministry requests that all vendors comply with the laws of Grenada and cooperate with the market management and the police. 

One business woman who operates from her business place on the corner of Victoria and George Patterson Street was also given a letter and she has since taken serious issue with the letter distributor.

There is nothing in that letter which applies to me she said and therefore it is disrespectful to give that to me.

The letter distributor one Kennedy Budhlall was met and spoken to about the letter.  He said a meeting had been held for vendors and not many of them showed up. The letter was distributed to get vendors of the streets and should they fail to move the big man in the station (Officer in Command of the Grenville Police Station) will be spoken to and should he fail to get them off the streets, he (Budhlall) will be going to the Commissioner of Police and should the commissioner in turn fail, the next stop will be the Minister of National Security. One water melon vendor challenged the political activist as to whether moving vendors off the street was his role or that of the police. He was advised to allow the police to do their work and stop trying to do it for them. 

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