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Disgruntled Foodland Customer Threatens Legal Action Featured

  • Written by  The Grenada Informer
Disgruntled Foodland Customer Threatens Legal Action

One disgruntled Foodland Supermarket customer is considering legal action against the Market Square branch, for what she said -was failure on their part to accept responsibility for injuries she suffered after being struck by the door of the supermarket while exiting the building.

Speaking to the Grenada Informer some two weeks after the alleged incident, the alleged victim Carol Roberts, a business woman who presently resides at Happy Hill in St Georges, said she is disappointed by the way she was treated by the management of Foodland Supermarket as a customer and although initially she just wanted compensation to cover her medical expenses, which amounted to just over $ 500.00, she is now taking the matter to a different level, given the fact that poor handling of the matter by the company has put a different twist on the entire situation and a negative effect on her reputation. 

 Roberts said the matter was a simple one that according to her could have happened to anyone and she thought the company would have handled it accordingly. She said she was in the supermarket shopping, after she had collected over two thousand ninety dollars from Money Gram and on conclusion, was exiting the building when the door, which is operated by censor, closed in and struck her on her hand.  According to her she called out to the Supervisor who then informed the Manager of the incident before doing so he told her maybe the censor did not pick her up. Robert said she remained inside the supermarket until she was seen by the Manager Mr. Marc Chow Chung, who advised her to seek medical attention from her doctor because the company’s doctor was unavailable at the time.

Through her pain, Robert s said, she informed the management of the supermarket that her doctor was Dr. Terrence Marryshow and therefore she would prefer to have him look at her hand, they agreed and she proceed in search of medical attention, by that time she said, the hand was already swollen.

Roberts was examined by Dr. Marryshow on March 19th 2015 and in a copy of the result shown to the Informer, Dr. Marryshow admitted that the right arm was swollen and that at the time she appeared to be in serious pain in the areas of her chest, shoulder and neck. However, the report went on, having carried out an X-Ray on Roberts’ right arm, the result was negative for bone injury. 

It went even further to say that Roberts was advised to seek a second opinion from Spice Isle Imaging, after Roberts hinted that the Manager of the supermarket Fleda Hinds raised concerns about Marryshow.

Roberts said having done all that she was asked to do by the management of the supermarket, she was accused of being untruthful and attempting to mislead the supermarket into paying for something that did not happened. The Happy Hill businesswoman said she views the change in developments as being disrespectful, unfortunate and a serious dent on her good character.   

   What is most appalling about the entire situation Roberts said, is that despite the incident having happened in broad daylight in the view of cashiers and other customers some of whom made certain statements and gave her certain advice, all have now withdrawn claiming that they saw nothing.

 Given what had transpired Roberts said, it is no longer a struggle to recover medical compensation but a fight to restore character and to show to the management of Foodland Supermarket that this is not the way one treats a customer, more so, one who has been shopping at that location for decades.

 In an effort to bring balance to our reporting on the matter, Informer spoke to the General Manager of the Foodland Supermarket Mrs. Anya Chow Chung via telephone, who admitted that she is aware of the situation but hinted that she had issues with the truthfulness of the information given to management by Roberts, hence the reason the company decided to embark on the stand that it took.

 Chow Chung said the company went over and beyond to try to accommodate Mrs. Roberts, to give her the benefit of the doubt but her story she said, was not straight. No witness could verify that the incident took place including the company’s built in cameras. The GM said the door Mrs. Roberts claimed she was hit by has being working perfectly and having spoken to the technicians, they were assured that nothing was wrong with that door. They found no possible reason for such incident to have taken place.

  The GM said that in her opinion, the company has done all in its power to ensure that Mrs. Robert’s case was given a fair hearing and concluded that the company cannot honour her claim for reimbursement.

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