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Gouyave Conman Caught and Thrown Behind Bars Featured

Gouyave Conman Caught and Thrown Behind Bars

Garvin Britton of Gouyave St John’s was finally caught by police in Grenville, putting an end to his practice of defrauding persons of their monies, leaving his victims with empty promises and lies.

Britton appeared in court before Magistrate Nevlyn John last Monday, and his guilty pleas to three criminal counts of fraud by false pretence landed him behind bars at the Richmond Hill Prison.

The accused has been remanded for one week at the end of which he is expected back in court for sentencing on all three matters. While on remand Britton is expected to make arrangements for all his victims to be paid back whatever amounts he obtained from each of them totaling Five Hundred and Twenty Five dollars.

The accused is said to have defrauded Chris Beggs of Paradise, St Andrew’s one hundred and twenty-five EC, Marinus Roberts one hundred dollars and another male whose name was given as Michael, Three Hundred dollars.

 The prosecutor told the court that the accused made promises to all the victims to return their money’s worth of fish, convincing them that he was a fisherman, and had fish on the Grenville Jetty, where they should come to collect. 

One of the victims was told by Britton that his fishing boat had developed mechanical problems and that he needed the money to fix the problem, too late realizing that he was no fisherman and had no boat.

When questioned as to what he did with the monies, the fraudster told the court that he used it to purchase disposable diapers for his babies, with two different mothers. He told the court the babies are four and five month old. 

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