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Grenada Now On Jetblue’s Schedule

Grenada Now On Jetblue’s Schedule

A carnival like aura and a warm spicy Grenadian welcome, greeted the inaugural arrival of JetBlue into Grenada, as this island has been added to the airline’s list of destinations.

The JetBlue aircraft made its inaugural flight to the island on Thursday 11 with four tourism officials among the passengers, an all-Grenadian team of flight attendants along with 140 other passengers who flew in first class.

When the 150 seat aircraft made its landing, Grenada became JetBlue’s 90th global destination and its 32nd destination in the Caribbean and Latin America. It will be operating a two day weekly service between the Maurice Bishop International Airport and the John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York, on Sundays and Thursdays.

Deputy Chairperson of the Grenada Tourism Authority Shadell Nyack Compton was on the inaugural flight. She describes her journey as a very lavish, extravagant and exciting one as she got the opportunity to represent GTA on the inaugural flight to Grenada. She further stated that JetBlue is expected to bring great rewards to Grenada, as visitor arrivals from New York City will be enhanced with a great quality and efficient non-stop service.

JetBlue’s Vice President of Network Planning, Mr. David Clarke, declared Grenada the ideal destination for their service. He admitted to being thrilled to have been on the very first fight as well. He said it is not everyday JetBlue gets to add another destination as spectacular, natural, beautiful and adventurous as Grenada with its white sandy beaches, world class scuba diving, excellent resorts and rich history and cultural heritage that JetBlue passengers will enjoy and share their experiences with their friends. 

Tourism Minister Hon. Yolande Bain Horsford, commended JetBlue for a wonderful experience and described their inaugural flight as a remarkable occasion for all Grenadians. She highlighted the all Grenadian crew and also the airport team which “gave a fantastic service.”

Meanwhile, JetBlue Airways Flight 950, almost filled to capacity, with nationals and returning visitors from the Diaspora, took off from the Maurice Bishop International Airport around 2:45 p.m. under the skilled guidance of Captain David Neil and his crew members and amidst rowdy applause, touched down at the John F. Kennedy International Airport around 7:15 p.m.

The JetBlue inaugural experience included free unlimited snacks and beverages, free movies, beauty product sampling and an in-flight ‘bingo’ session, where crew members randomly gave away JetBlue tote bags and round trip tickets to lucky passengers.

 Among those on the New York-bound flight were several members of the Grenada media fraternity, who were given the opportunity to experience JetBlue first-hand through a complimentary round trip, courtesy JetBlue Airways and the Grenada Tourism Authority.

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