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Adventist Pastor Caught In Homosexual Act Featured

Adventist Pastor Caught In Homosexual  Act

It was a conference of Adventist church leaders/pastors from around the Caribbean. It was their biggest gathering with Trinidad being their venue; hundreds gathered at the conference.

The religious gathering had the attention of the entire region, as a new agenda had to be set for the spiritual evaluation for the twenty first century and Opus operandi of the Adventist denomination. The Grenada delegation was well represented at the religious conference, which met last week in Port of Spain. The meeting itself was a success with Adventist heads of churches, their missions and delegations fully briefed on the way forward for evangelism throughout the Caribbean and the administering of Adventist religious principles for the Twenty first century. However; in the midst of all their religious successes; disappointing news from Trinidad came that allegedly two pastors were caught in a love affair. This spoilt the religious gathering. The two men were reportedly filmed in a video that showed them in their homosexual act. Grenadians everywhere are talking about this ugly unfortunate incident, which has overshadowed the success of the Adventist meeting. Reports circulating around Grenada are that the video clip made of the homosexual act of these two pastors was uploaded on the very popular social media of facebook, whatsapp to name a few. The story further states that while attending the conference, the Grenadian pastor was befriended by another homosexual pastor at the religious conference. They dated each other at a supposedly private and intimate location, where they made passionate love that was filmed by both parties. It was further reported that both pastors filmed themselves and kept a copy of their sacred endeavours. On returning to Grenada however, the Adventist pastor met up with his other Grenadian homosexual friends as usual; but according to alleged sources, the pastor’s cell phone was investigated only to reveal the homosexual love making incident which he was engaged in while in Trinidad, with his new homosexual friend. 

One of the pastors is said to be a married family man. Consequently the Grenadian homosexual lover got angry and is said to have published the Trinidad love affair on social media. It is alleged also that after the homosexual incident was uploaded on social media, the Grenada Adventist homosexual pastor who attended the conference in Trinidad, attempted the most unthinkable thing; to commit suicide by allegedly drinking a poisonous substance where after he was hospitalized.

The video according to the social media and eyewitnesses shows both pastors, heavily caressing and engaging in other very intimate sexual practices.

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