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Grenada’s DPP appointed Queen’s Counsel

Grenada’s DPP appointed Queen’s Counsel

Grenada’s Director of Public Prosecution reaches another milestone in his legal career, joining the elite group of legal luminaries on the island by virtue of his appointment as Queens Counsel, followed by his admittance to the Inner Bar during a special sitting at the Number One Supreme Court last Thursday.

Nelson’s illustrious legal career started when he was called to the Bar in 1990, he was later elevated to the position of Senior Crown Counsel before taking up the position he now holds as Director of Public Prosecution in Grenada in 2001. Last Thursday, Bobby Christopher Nelson, took his craft to a different level, being the youngest lawyer to be appointed Queens Counsel in Grenada, a circle presently occupied by three distinguished lawyers, Dr. Francis Alexis, Celia Clyne, and Cosmo St Bernard.

 During a special sitting of the court last Thursday to officially welcome Nelson to the Inner Bar, Queens Counsel Dr. Francis Alexis in moving the application, described Nelson as a very level headed, modest and moderate young man, who has gotten the full approval of the Grenada Bar Association, the Cabinet and the Attorney General’s Office, as a fit and proper person to be admitted to the Inner Bar.

Shortly after taking the Oath of Office and taking his seat among the elite, Queens Counsel Bobby Christopher Nelson, addressing the Court in his new capacity, noted that although he had been addressing the court for many years from the Inner Bar, this time around, it felt a lot different now that he has been endowed with the highest honor that can be bestowed on someone in the legal profession, which now gives him the right to so do.

 Nelson dubbed the moment a proud one, a happy one; a feeling of accomplishment that he has in-fact accepted this offer and the rights and privileges that go with it. 

 In relishing the moment, the first of its kind to be move by a public bar in Grenada and in the OECS, Nelson said it is a proud moment for the Public Bar, Prosecution Department and the wider public service wherein lies many challenges. He went on to say it is heartening to note, that notwithstanding these challenges, one can be recognized for long service, distinguished service, and exhibiting the high standard of the legal profession. 

 Nelson said despite the fanfare that goes with the acceptance of the award, one must never lose site of the fact that it comes with great responsibility, among them, astute leadership to the bar, providing assistance to the bench and bar whenever called upon to do so, in addition to maintaining the highest standard as required by the profession.

 The newly appointed Queens Counsel spared no moment in thanking all who have contributed, and supported him in one way or another, to get to the present stage, among those mentioned were his family, staff, members of the Grenada Bar Association, fellow Queens Counsel, Dr. Francis Alexis and Celia Clyne, Carl Hudson Phillip, Mrs. Velma Hilton among others.  

  Having accepted full responsibility for the task that goes along with this new position Nelson said he is now energized and motivated to continue the mission of Director of Public Prosecution with greater dynamism for another twenty-five years.

    Last Thursday’s ceremony was attended by a broad cross section of people from various departments of the legal profession and a number of them took the opportunity to commend the DPP on his achievement; among them Grenada’s Attorney General Cajeton Hood, Chief Judge Madam Justice Price Findley, President of the Grenada Bar Association Ruggles Ferguson, and crown counsel Haward Pinnock, where the general consensus was Nelson was a true minister of Justice, deserving of the honor that has been bestowed on him. One speaker referred to him as one of the true gentlemen of the profession. 

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