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A shot in the arm for students pursuing studies at the TAMCC

  • Written by  The Grenada Informer
A shot in the arm for students pursuing studies at the TAMCC

For the first time since opening its doors the TA Marryshow Community College (TAMCC) will as of September 1, 2015 become the first in the OECS region at the community level to offer pre professional courses, the completion of the associate degree where the first two-years of that programme will be done at the TAMCC.

This followed the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between the T.A. Marryshow Community College and the University of the Southern Caribbean based in Trinidad and Tobago two weeks ago at the college.


 This landmark achievement as it was referred to, will afford students the opportunity to now obtain an associate Degree at TAMCC and gain access to the University of Southern Caribbean to complete their studies in pursuit of their degree in Nutrition and Dietetics.

  Dean of the School of Applied Arts and Technology Patricia Benjamin, referred to the merger as an integration of the best minds and the best training, and having the world at their disposal on completion of studies at TAMCC.  Acceptance into the programme she said, is similar to many of the courses offered by TAMCC where students need to obtain a minimum of five CXC subjects including English A plus a science related subject.

 Doctor Claudette Mitchell of the University of Southern Caribbean (USC) said on completion of the programme at TAMCC students need to apply to USC, where they will receive full acceptance and transfer credits. Students need to get a B and above pass in all science courses, including food courses and nutrition courses.

 In Trinidad, Mitchell said, the student would pursue Medical Therapy 1& 2, Advanced Medical Therapy, and Nutrition Assessment in Counseling, Nutrition Care Management, Nutrition and Metabolism. Additionally students will pursue the Affiliation in Medical Nutrition Therapy, Community Nutrition and Food Service Management.

 Mitchell said USC is about transferring minds to serve the region and globally hence the reason they have integrated a regional component to the programme, to give students a broader scope to be better prepared and more marketable.  After graduating from the Bachelors Degree programme Mitchell said, students would apply for the one-year international internship in the United States at Oakwood University in Alabama or Dominican University in Chicago, two universities with whom they have working relations.

 Dean of the School of Continuing Education David Flemming welcomed the new initiative which he said started as a gentle linkage in 2012, and has not only blossomed into realization with signing, but give birth to a long term dimension of academic relationship between the two schools.  He therefore looks forward to the entering into, or signing of other supplemental agreements in the future.

 President of the University of Southern Caribbean Clinton Valley dubbed the signing as one that heralds the beginning of a new journey of friendship, cooperation and collaboration between the TAMCC and the USC where USC   would serve as a bridge builder exposing students from Grenada to opportunities at economic costs, where students would be able to continue their education with internship experience across the Caribbean and achieve international certification.

Valley said USC is a private Seventh Day Adventist Institution founded in 1927, had several name changes over time but in 2006 was named USC. He assured Grenadians that students graduating from USC get fully recognized Bachelor’s Degrees.

 Valley said he is looking forward to the day when the relationship would develop to the point where the USC would have a site in Grenada and provide the opportunity to students who otherwise would not have gone on due to circumstances.  Valley said USC stands ready to offer every assistant needed by TAMCC to facilitate the growth and development of the relationship, in order for it to succeed and excel.

 Signing the Memorandum of Understanding on behalf of TAMCC was David Fleming while Dr. Clinton Valley signed on behalf of the University of Southern Caribbean.

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