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KFC Worker Pleads Guilty to Stealing - More Names Could Surface Featured

KFC Worker Pleads Guilty to Stealing - More Names Could Surface

One female worker attached to the Granby Street KFC outlet, slapped with a charge of stealing by reason of employment has pleaded guilty, accepting full responsibility for her actions but hinted to the court that she is not alone.

In her first appearance before Chief Magistrate Tamera Gill at the St. George’s number one Magistrate’s Court on Monday, the St. George’s resident Amelia Andall, who had been employed with the company for just over two years, threw in the towel   moments after the charge was read to her by the magistrate, of stealing cash in the sum of just under fifteen hundred dollars.

 According to evidence emanating from the court, the monies were stolen over a period of time from two KFC branches in the town- the Melville and Granby Street outlets.  The evidence went on to say that Andall, who was employed as a cashier, was summoned to the supervisor’s office after one worker claimed that she was seen pushing something into her pocket.

 After a period of interrogation the evidence said, a number of shocking discoveries were made, among them, failure to register in the machine, cash collected from customers for items received. Cash belonging to the company was found in the pocket of the cashier who admitted that the practice had being going on for months and provided the names other persons believed to be involved in similar practice. 

The police was subsequently called in and charges laid against Andall for stealing by reason of employment

 During Monday’s court sitting, Manager of KFC Joseph Ross hinted to the court that he has been the victim of stealing for years and therefore he would like Andall, despite an open apology given in court, to be made an example to others even if it means going to prison. He went on to say he wants no compensation for monies stolen, but would rather have the names from Andall of all those involved in similar practice.

 Defense Counsel Peter David was on hand to provide pro bono assistance to Andall, an intervention that gave rise to some heated legal exchanges between the defense and the prosecution team where the defense argued that it was not a case for which a young lady, a first time offender who has pleaded guilty should be sent to prison.

 After summoning all parties to the bench the decision was taken to adjourn the matter with the hope that the police could carry out further investigation. Andall is due back in court on October 8th when the decision of the court would be handed down.

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