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  • Written by  The Grenada Informer

The number of complaints about the treatment patients suffer at the General Hospital has been skyrocketing in recent times and Grenadians are also alarmed at the rate and age of people dying there daily.

Many people are speaking in their quarters; to family and friends, sharing their individual stories but calls for a national approach to our health crisis continue to fall on deaf ears.


Stories abound of on a regular basis of patients at the General Hospital dying under worrying circumstances, not being administered oxygen when the situation definitely called for it and health care providers affecting an air of nonchalance casualness in emergency situations.

Only last week a 40 year old man was reported to have died after being practically ignored after being admitted to the hospital and a nurse telling his concerned family members that he would have died anyway.

Another woman who had spent a few days at the hospital while being discharged reportedly complained that she was not feeling at all well, reporting pain to the head and side of the face. She was discharged anyway and suffered a massive almost immediately on arriving home. She died a few days later never regaining consciousness.

These and many other stories have people praying fervently that they never have reason to be admitted to the General Hospital as they fear what the outcome could be.

All of the stories may not be true or all of the concerns justified but there is enough smoke for one to expect fire and despite all of the rhetoric from the authorities nothing seems to be improving. In fact it seems to be getting worse.

Sometime last year the Grenada Informer published an article about unexplained infant death at the same facility and though it was denied not on produced any statistics and justification for the denial.

What exactly are the reasons behind the frustration and impatience and don’t-care attitude of staff? 

Is it understaffing? Nurses are clearly frustrated, and their approach is a far cry from Florence Nightingale and the goodly Mother Theresa and or many of the former dedicated hard working, heart loving nurses who once rendered service.

Some are still trying- congrats to them but the stories emanating each day are totally unacceptable. 

Health care is meant to preserve life, but that doesn’t seem to be the case now.  

Another issue surrounds the number of tests done outside of hospital at such high costs to poor people. 

And yet another issue is WHY doctors are charging poor people so much money for special services with the use of government facilities????

Compounding the fear-inducing health care services at the General Hospital and other facilities in the nation, there is much muffle about the need to investigate the increasing death rate among young persons

Is it our lifestyle, diet, operating from comfort zones, little or lack of exercise, or too much high preservative food? Many are wondering if it has anything to do with the increasing number of cell phone towers and the possible radiation, being emitted into the atmosphere. 

Checks in other Caribbean islands reveal the existence of laws regarding the proximity of cell phone towers to residential areas. Is anyone looking out for the well-being of Grenadians? 

Are there laws governing the erection of cell phone towers in Grenada? Given our mountainous terrain there are houses and towers everywhere. What is the impact of such towers on our health? 

 Other fingers are pointing to the volume of imported food consumed by locals. While the business sector may be happy with the returns, how safe are the foods stamped “For export only” to the health of our people?

Shouldn’t more support be given to local poultry producers to enable them to operate a more viable business in an effort to reduce the volume from of hormone laden imported poultry? 

Grenada’s health system seems to be tottering on the edge of disaster and talk, empty claims and chest beating are definitely not the way to fix it.

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