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More Scholarships for Grenada’s Doctors

More Scholarships for Grenada’s Doctors

Four Grenadian doctors have been presented with the opportunity to specialize through the provision of scholarships to the Republic of Cuba.

The fortunate medical professionals who will have the opportunity to take their careers and practices to another level are: Dr. Catherine Alisha Marcela Bubb from St. George’s, Dr. Ruby Cecelia Gertrude Granger from St. Andrew’s, Dr. Godwin Leslie Coy from St. John’s and Dr. Cleve Yonni Ndongo Matamba Belfon from St. George’s.

The scholarship award ceremony was held on Thursday 24 at the Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development, where Permanent Secretary in that ministry with responsibility for human resource development Ms. Jacinta Joseph, recognized the Ministry of Health for engaging the Cuban government to secure the scholarships.

She expects this development to have a positive impact on the health sector once the doctors have completed their studies and returned to serve the government and people of Grenada in the next three years. According to Ms. Joseph, the government recognizes that the health and well being of Grenada is an urgent priority and is committed to strengthening the health care system to ensure the provision of the highest possible standard of health care. 

Earlier this year five students went off to Cuba to pursue undergraduate studies in medicine and three nationals departed this month to pursue training in clinical analysis, x-ray technology and physical therapy and rehabilitation. 

Ambassador of The Republic of Cuba to Grenada Her Excellency Maria Caridad Balaguer Labrada described it as a great honor to; on behalf of her country, offer the possibility for the Grenadian doctors to be specialized and to serve and improve the health system of Grenada. She said for Cuba it’s a great honour to have the students in their universities.

According to Minister for Health, Nikolas Steele the most recent human resource audit shows that within the next two to five years eighty percent of the senior medical personnel would be retiring or would have reached retirement age.

It is therefore important to train and prepare new professionals to take their places. 

He thanked the Cuban Minister of Health for the part he played in getting the venture arranged. He said as both developing countries strive towards improving the health care system to serve their countries, Cuba, despite all its challenges still finds a way to afford others opportunities that would have been difficult to come by otherwise. 

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