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Vendors clear the streets of Grenville but vagrants coming back

Vendors clear the streets of  Grenville but vagrants coming back

Police in Grenville recently made some inroads in the removal of vendors from the streets of Grenville; a situation which as far as they are concerned continues to work thus making it safer for pedestrians and to co-inside with that gesture was the building and occupancy of the modernize Grenville market square, car park and vendors mall. 

However  officers  had no knowledge that  the serious  uncontrollable  problem of vagrancy,  which once plagued the town would  slowly creep back, and as one pedestrian put it, it’s like the police  remove vendors from the streets to make space for vagrants.

 Early Last Monday  morning  pedestrians almost stumbled on a sleeping vagrant on the sidewalk in front of a Grenville pharmacy, while for the past week a mentally ill woman from the village of Birchgrove; also considered to be a vagrant,  was seen using the front of a bank as her home.

 According to a concerned pedestrian,   vagrancy affected the town of Grenville for numerous years and at one point the situation became so uncontrollable that on every street corner there was a sleeping vagrant.  They are reported to have become violent at times; involved in stealing, the use of illicit drugs, and when they became mentally unstable persons became scared and were seen running from the police to have them removed from the streets.  Garbage bins where they search for meals were ransacked and at times over turned and scattered onto the streets, ever the concrete built bins at that time were ram sack and dug up. 

  Eventually and gradually the problem of vagrancy crept out leaving small pockets that were easy to control and it is hoped that this time around the police will move quickly to prevent another upsurge of vagrancy in Grenville. 

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