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Eye Clinic At General Hospital Refurblished

Eye Clinic At General Hospital Refurblished

Nurses, Doctors and out patients are now more comfortable in their new facility to continue rendering and receiving service.

On Monday 12th October the eye clinic was officially reopened to the public at its new location adjacent to the laboratory.  The clinic was previously run from a location next to the pediatric ward.

The Grenada Informer visited the eye clinic on Monday and spoke to one of the patients who said the relocation is a great move by the authorities. “The place is clean and well ventilated, comfortable and well air-condition”.  She went on to say that she felt more relaxed at the new facility because she no longer have to make the long walk all the way  down to the hospital, which was forceful  for her noting that she can now “feel at ease”. 

A passerby also told the Grenada Informer that the relocation of the eye clinic by the authorities is a great initiative and the location is an ideal one for persons visiting the clinic.  He said the clinic was previously too far especially for the elderly who cannot walk very well.  According to him it is a form of relief for them and he feels quite grateful for the patients visiting the clinic. The gentleman congratulated the authorities for the positive move taken but said however that he would love for the government to take the health situation in the country much more serious because there is a lot that needs to be done health wise.

Out-patient clinics were suspended for one week to facilitate the relocation.

The Ministry of Health has expressed sincerest thanks and appreciation to all out-patients and the general public for its understanding and cooperation during the interruption noting that the quick resumption of the out-patient ophthalmology service is in keeping with its promise to the public to keep the closure to a maximum of one week.

The newly refurbished Eye Ward was restored as part of ongoing redevelopment works of the General Hospital project.

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