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When Better Can’t Be Done Let Worst Continue

When Better Can’t Be Done Let Worst Continue

Customers continue to plead their cause to Columbus Communication (FLOW).  Disgruntled customers of the well known business place are complaining on a daily and monthly basis about a late fee that is added to customers’ bills on the 1st of every month, once their bill is unpaid.

 Columbus Communications also known as (FLOW) is the talk of the town with disgruntled customers constantly complaining about their monthly billing. 

Grenada Informer interviewed one customer who said he is tired and fed up with the late fees the company adds to his account on the first of every month.  He went on to say that the company needs to give some form of leniency to customers because not everyone gets their salary directly at the end of the month.  He said the company needs to be more compassionate because people are trying and are willing to pay their bill on time therefore they need to be more careful in the way they make their decisions because they can lose customers through this process. 

He told this newspaper he went to pay his bill on the 1st of the month and a late fee of over $2 has been added to his account; however he refused to pay the charge and is prepared to take any necessary precautions. He is also calling on other Grenadians to stand up for their right because the added late fee on the 1st of every month is not one that is on the contract which they sign when applying for their connection.

The disgruntled customer is therefore calling on FLOW to look into the matter and adhere to the plea of the customers because if they don’t have customers they don’t have a company; “the company is run by the customers”.

The Grenada Informer sought to inquire concerning the plea of customers by making calls to FLOW.  On first attempt a customer service representative in Trinidad answered and told the Grenada informer the late fee is added to the bill when the customers do not pay their bills on time and the maximum amount for the late fee is $5.00.  When asked other questions pertaining to the late fee and the issue of the broadband increase which would be in effect as from November 1st The Informer was given an Email address and was told that someone in the marketing department would be able to answer the other questions posed.


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