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An unhappy FLOW customer staged a one-man protest on Monday at the front on the company building; with plaque cards attached to his body, voicing his unhappy concerns over services rendered to himself and the many citizens of Grenada.

Mr. Kem Jones, a concerned and unhappy citizen of Grenada also a customer of FLOW, in an interview with the Grenada Informer Newspaper, stated that he is protesting the fact that FLOW is doing certain things that he believes; in most cases are illegal. He opined that the National Telecommunication and Regulatory Commission (NTRC) is doing nothing to address customers concerns with the company.

Mr. Jones noted that if any customer is late by one day, flow imposes late fees on their bills.

He is then asking the question; “who gives FLOW the authority to charge customers late fees”? He says he did not sign up to be charged late fees in signing his agreement as a customer for broadband Internet and cable packages.

He stated he signed to pay for the service received and further added that FLOW issued e-mails to customers with the broadband service stating that as of November 1st an additional $20.00 will be added to their bill.

He is questioning the reason for the $20.00 increase in service charge and why customers are are not notified of the purpose for the increase. “What purpose and precedence leads to $20 dollars now in which flow is not giving any valid reasons to their customers?” questioned Mr. Jones.

Mr. Jones is therefore demanding that FLOW rethink the extra $20 dollars on broadband service effective November 1st and further more refrain from charging customers any late fees.

He went on to say that customers have rights and he is also asking “who is really looking out for us as customers, if they are being used, abused and exploited by such a large company as FLOW, what would happen to customers when a much bigger merger with LIME and itself comes on stream?”

As a citizen of Grenada and customer of FLOW; he is stageing this one-man protest on behalf of all FLOW customers and expressed that FLOW needs to do better than just imposing additional fees on customers with absolutely no reason.  He said things are already hard for everyone in the country and every dollar counts.

The puzzled customer also expressed his dissatisfaction with the services offered by flow, which he said is of very poor quality as most of the channels shows white with some customer notice on the screen.  He expressed that FLOW is not giving its customers any advanced information as it relates to them removing channels and further to that the prices; he is therefore standing up for his rights as a private citizen of Grenada, and boldly stating that FLOW is not a reliable company. 

Mr. Jones is therefore urging the relevant authorities to look into customers urgent concerns regarding FLOW.

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