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The Brain behind Promo Grenada makes a visit

  • Written by  The Grenada Informer
The Brain behind Promo Grenada makes a visit

With social media viewed in today’s world as the vehicle for connecting people, places and things, one Grenadian businessman who presently resides in Canada has bought into the idea using his creative technological skills through the creation of an App that is creating a stir on the international stage exposing Grenada and the Caribbean to the world.

    Promo Grenada, the name of the App, recently rated number one in the world, by internationally recognized App Review platform was conceptualized by Nigel Jones a native of Boca in St. George’s who presently resides in Canada. During a brief stop in his homeland Grenada on Tuesday as part a Caribbean tour to promote his idea, he spoke to members of the media. 

Jones said at the age of sixteen, he migrated from Grenada to the United States, and later Canada where he presently resides, most of his life he said was centered around businesses of various types, however in the last two years, he moved into the field of technology and there the birth of the App, Promo Grenada he said, came to life. 

 As a businessman Jones said he was contemplating creating an App for his retail business, and having seen the potential, he made a move to acquire ownership of the company that was creating the App for his company. After a successful bid and the technology that was then placed at his disposal, he then put his dream of Promo Grenada into reality.  The app he said took just over two years to build and has been out some seven months now.

 Jones said from the very outset his vision was to do something for Grenada that was fruitful, important and worthwhile. According to him, little emphasis was placed on acceptance, but he was convinced, that once the product was good, people would get on board.  To-date he said the response has been phenomenal, and even surpassed his expectation with just over twelve thousand downloading. The App is said is not just a big deal in Grenada but has been the talking point among some of the top organisations in the United States, Chile, Japan, Europe among others.

 Jones described Promo Grenada as a one stop shop for visitors and Grenadians at home and in the Diaspora, in that the user who downloads the App on his/her phone or other devise is guaranteed access to up-to date-news in Grenada or news involving Grenadians around the world, listen Grenadian radio stations around the world, follow Grenadian history from as early as the seventeen century, connect to the various tourist attraction sites, hospitals, just about everything in Grenada. Jones said Promo Grenada could be one of the most comprehensive tools on Grenada to-date.

Jones said a potential visitor could actually plan his/her visit, using the App, be able to rent a car, book a hotel room, plan site visits or learn all the emergency numbers and health services, find churches, school etc. just about every thing that is in Grenada he said is on that app.

 Jones said presently there is nothing official but he has plans to engage the Grenada Tourism Authority because the App places great emphasis on the tourism aspect in Grenada.  

   Jones said having gotten local regional and international attention, he has gotten a number of calls from other Caribbean island to have similar apps done given the effectiveness of the Promo Grenada app. Apart from the Grenada App, there is also the Caribbean App that is having similar impact that speaks to the entire Caribbean in English, Spanish, Dutch, English and French. 

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