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Grenville Vendor’s Up In Arms With Market Authorities

  • Written by  Davis Joseph
Grenville Vendor’s Up In  Arms With Market Authorities

A number of vendors at the Grenville Vendors’ Mall in an area of the Grenada Postal Corporation are up in arms and questioning the rationale behind a dollar a day being taken from them by the Grenville Market Authorities since 2010 and nothing being done to better the condition under which they operate. 

Vendors are claiming that they are yet to learn what the money taken from them by the market authorities is being use for while their toilet facility is in a deplorable state and cannot be used, the compound where they operate remains dirty and filthy except they clean it themselves or pay to have it cleaned. Just over a week ago the compound was flooded from heavy rains and vendors were forced to clean up themselves and also had to address a pluming problem on the compound from their own pockets.

The vendors complain that when the concerns are raised with the market authorities that claim to be in charge of the vendors’ mall, it is brushed aside and nothing happens. Yet some of the booths, which become vacant when vendors from the vendors mall move to the new Grenville Market, are being occupied by persons who claim that they are sent by the market authorities.

The Grenville Vendors’ Mall was originally established in 2001 by the Grenville Vendors Association a registered association, the mall was partly destroyed by fire in June of 2010 and booths were rebuilt for the vendors, by the then National Democratic Congress administration.

 Vendors returned to occupy the mall after the rebuilding, and learned that the Grenville vendors Association was virtually pushed aside by a member of   government and told that the Grenville Market was now in charge of the mall and vendors were required to pay a dollar a day to use the compound.

Vendors complain that the market authorities continue to collect a dollar a day from each vendor on the compound but that is the only thing the market authorities do, beside sending persons to occupy unoccupied booths. Anything else as it relate to the sanitation of the compound, toilet facilities, plumbing, repairs to gateway are left up to the vendors and if the problem is too big for the vendors such as the destroyed toilets which need to be refurbished then the market authorities do nothing but make promises that they know they cannot fulfill. Vendors feel they are being fooled by the market authorities that they believe have no say whatever in the mall’s operation. They insist that something needs to be done to the toilet facility. They would like the Parliamentary Representative for the area to look into the matter. 

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