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Illegal Taxis At Spiceland Mall Is A Lie

  • Written by  The Grenada Informer

Last week the Grenada Informer published an article in which a taxi operator at the Spiceland Mall complained about unauthorized persons operating there. 

One of the persons being referred to in the article subsequently visited our offices to dispute the previous version of the situation, saying the first report was misleading. Here is his version.

I have been going to the Spiceland Mall for seven years now with my taxi car, spending time chatting, making jokes and making new friends down there. I have seen all kinds of drama unfold there with taxi drivers who have said time and time again that they alone are authorized to operate taxi at the Spiceland Mall; no one else.

I would like to let the public know that these men are fake; the person who walked into the newspaper office and gave the impression that he and his colleagues are faced with sabotage is lying. These six (6) men who say that they have what you call a management union at Spiceland Mall do the wrongest things to hurt the mall. For example a few months ago, one who calls himself boss of the taxi men had his back glass broken, he parked up that vehicle and did taxi service at the same Spiceland Mall with a vehicle carrying a private number plate for weeks, which he and his colleagues knew was illegal. We contacted the South St. George Police Station over and over and nothing was done. 

Prior to that, a few days before, another taxi driver who hangs around there was missing a part for his regular taxi and I heard two of those so-called Spiceland members saying “What will happen if that man meets in an accident with a medical student with the P-Van he operating from here”?

On another occasion, none of the taxi men were present at the mall and a medical student came out with her groceries to go back to campus. One of the men they call illegal was putting the student’s groceries in his van when one of those calling themselves members returned, went to the van and started taking out the medical student’s groceries to take them to his van.He told the student“this man is not authorized to do taxi here, is only we who are in green jersey”. The student told him “put back my groceries I’m going with him”.

Most of the time these six men are not at the mall, three of them are members of the National Taxi Association at the Cruise Ship Terminal and the other three regularly go on island tours with guests from hotels, so when the medical students need a taxi, the security guards call one of the persons who those six are now referring to as illegal, to fill the void. That person I am sure does not need to get any consent from management. 

Now they are trying to tell those lies and to put fear in the medical students’ mind. Tell me how many medical students have ever said they were bullied by any taxi men. I never knew that six men were responsible for transporting medical students. So if none of the six men are there and a medical student wants to go back to campus are they not free to hire one of those “illegal taxi men?” What should they do, walk with the groceries to True Blue? 

That taxi driver who walked into the newspaper office is only trying to make confusion now because the 2017 cruise season is closed and a few taxi drivers who normally hang out at the mall might come around and they don’t like that.

These men contribute nothing to the mall. Ask the management how many of these six men push a trolley with groceries worth $100. They always say mall things too expensive and as they make a few dollars at the Spiceland Mall they head to other supermarkets to shop for their home. I know of one man who is called illegal who spends thousands of dollars at the mall.

The management at the Mall will prove those things one day.

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