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Morne Jaloux Resident Demands Compensation Featured

  • Written by  The Grenada Informer
Morne Jaloux Resident Demands Compensation

A Morne Jaloux resident is appealing to the government to respond to his letters and come clean regarding the status of his lands which seem to have been acquired.

Johnny Worme relates that in November last year (2016), persons attached to the De-bushing Program turned up to conduct work on his premises without anyone having informed him. When he asked them what going on, their response was just that they had been sent to work in the area.

Mr Worme recalls however that about four years ago, the Parliamentary Representative for his constituency had told him that his land would have to be taken away from him. He says he had not given it further consideration until the gang came and started to work on his premises.

He continues that two weeks ago someone started construction on land that belongs to him, which he finds alarming since no one had said anything to him concerning construction on his land, which the government apparently had acquired.

Worme makes it clear that he has no problem with the government trying to provide better roads or a bridge to provide access to people but he doesn’t think they could just send people to work in his land without him giving authority to do so. 

The Morne Jaloux resident says he wrote through an attorney to the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Works and copied the correspondence to the Prime Minister and the Governor General and to date has received no reply from any of them.

He insists that while the government may be trying to do something positive or to move in a direction where many persons would benefit, they must also consider the person that would be directly affected.  He has come to the conclusion that government should compensate him for his property, which was acquired and no one wants to dialogue with him. He said he is paying property tax for his land, the acquired piece included and it is unfair to him to pay the required amount, when it is clear that he does not have control over what happens to his own land.

Worme was accompanied by one of the founders of new political party, Tri Island Freedom Party (TIFP), Sheldon Holstein who agreed that Mr. Worme needs the matter of his property cleared up. Mr. Holstein says on behalf of the TIFP he’s asking the government to do things the proper way. He says the objective of the organization is to help rectify things in the communities and the country. He is therefore asking the government to respond to Mr Worme, who through attorneys has already appealed to them.

Holstein thinks it is unjust to move in on private property without clearing it with the owner and insists that Worme should be speedily compensated.

He calls on government to cease all construction work that is underway until they dialogue and reach an agreement with the owner of the property.

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