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RGPF To Redouble Crime Prevention Efforts

RGPF To Redouble Crime Prevention Efforts

The Royal Grenada Police will soon be adopting new strategies to kerb crimes in Grenada, particularly in the area of sexual crimes.

This was disclosed at a press conference held by the RGPF at Police Headquarters on Wednesday last.

Deputy Commissioner of Police Edvin Martin said sexual crimes have increased from 77 in 2016 to 117 in 2017 noting it as an area that poses a great concern. He added that 48% of the reported cases are offences associated with indecent assault, which represented the highest number of cases of sexual crimes. This he said suggests the tendency for individuals to violate females by touching them in inappropriate places.

According to the Deputy Commissioner, in relation to indecent assault crimes, a 40-year-old male was charged with 21 counts that were committed against the same individual over a period of time.

Meanwhile, the senior policeman described stealing as another major concern and described it as one of the most difficult crimes to solve, noting increases in common stealing from 498– 504 and housebreaking & stealing from 56-66.Dep. Commissioner Martin pointed out that from the police analysis and examinations of the circumstances of those crimes, the majority of them occurred as a result of victims creating the opportunities for the culprits by leaving valuable items unattended and failing to secure their property, vehicles and homes.

 The Dep. Commissioner added that farmers have also been struggling with the offence of predial larceny, which according to the police report is of major concern to them having increased from 128 to148.

As a result of these and other increasing offenses, the police have indicated that they would be engaged in several initiatives to reduce criminal offences.

In the area of traffic offences, the implementation of speed or radar guns, the erection of speed limit signs, increased patrol in high-risk areas and the installation of speed bumps among others are expected to have a positive impact.

Deputy Commissioner Martin said the force would also be engaged in other crime prevention initiatives. 

“We will be heightening our proactive measures with the view of having a strong emphasis on crime prevention, intensifying their efforts with stakeholders in addressing the real cause of crimes, part of which would include incorporating the strategies of problem solving policing, intensify support for the victims after the commission of crimes and we will make all efforts to partner with the farmers and the community in addressing the issues of predial larceny.

 He noted that the police are currently exploring ways in which they could establish a presence on social media with a view to informing and listening to every parish, cognizant of the fact that the majority of their target routes could be more effectively engaged through the use of their social media platforms.

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