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Bail Denied For Twenty-Two Year Old Murder Accused Featured

  • Written by  The Grenada Informer
Bail Denied For  Twenty-Two Year Old Murder Accused

Twenty-two-year-old Dileion Hypolite of Richmond Hill St. George’s made her first court appearance at the St. George’s number two magistrate’s court, before Magistrate Tahira Gellineau on Tuesday July 18.

Hypolite was slapped with a charge of non-capital murder in the fatal stabbing of her 24-year boyfriend Kadeem Scantlebury. The incident occurred on Friday July 14 and Scantlebury succumbed to his injury at the General Hospital on Saturday evening.

Bail was not granted to the murder accused due to the nature of the offence. She was remanded in custody and is due to reappear in court on August 4 for her second hearing.

Hypolite has contracted the services of attorney-at-law Ruggles Ferguson but he was represented by an associate of the Ciboney Chambers at her first court hearing on Monday.

A total of eleven witnesses are listed in the prosecution’s case but most of them were absent at the first hearing.

On Monday, the Grenada Informer had the parents of both the murder accused and the deceased, all of whom were still shaken by the unfortunate incident.

 The mother of the accused was still trying to come to grips with the incident and could not yet accept the reality of what had transpired on that fateful Friday evening.

In her words, we all make our children but not their minds. She said it is a sad situation for both families as they are very close and live in the same neighbourhood.

A teary mother confirmed that the deceased had been in an on and off relationship with her daughter.

She explained that at the time, they were in the midst of difficulties and conflict but she never expected it to end in such a manner.

Her daughter she noted couldn’t take any more of the physical abuse at the hands of her boyfriend; abuse she had suffered on numerous occasions with him repeatedly embarrassing her in public.

According to the mother, young Dileion was a mere three weeks short of the commencement of a cosmetology course in Trinidad and Tobago. This tragedy happened and is therefore a very sad time for her.

Humphrey Noel, father of the accused said on the day of the incident, Dileion had gone to get some barbeque just across the road from where she lives. While waiting for the barbeque with some friends, Scantlebury came and threw a bucket of old oil on her. He said the young lady went back home and complained to her mother then returned to collect her barbeque. However, this time Scantlebury attacked her with a cutlass and as she was running towards her home he ran after her and chopped her on the back and she stabbed him in retaliation. It was not clear what she stabbed him with and whether she had the weapon on her or grabbed it from somewhere.

Mr. Noel said that his daughter had suffered many abuses at the hands of the deceased. He made a habit of beating her, pulling her out of buses and stripping off her clothes in public. She was constantly living in fear for her life and had apparently reached boiling point. 

The father related that a couple Sundays ago his daughter attended an activity at Laborie and while returning she visited Andall’s Supermarket with her two sisters, where Scantlebury beat her up and tore down her jersey. 

He said he believed that his daughter was trying to protect him in some way because if she had reported those abusive incidents to him it would have ended in violence, as he had gotten arrested on four occasions in the past for confrontations with the deceased.

Noel said last Friday’s was an unpleasant one for all concerned. 

Meanwhile the family of the deceased told the Grenada Informer that they were not in a position to speak to the media as both families were consoling each other in this sad time.

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