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Another Grenadian Wins A Super 6 Jackpot

  • Written by  The Grenada Informer
Another Grenadian Wins A Super 6 Jackpot

Garvin Jones, a pipe-fitter at the National Water & Sewerage Authority (NAWASA), recently collected the regional Super 6 Jackpot of EC$225,000 won on August 8th, 2017 by his mother – Charleen Jones of Content, St. David’s.

Mrs. Jones’ winning came less than 3 months afterMr. Vallan Antoine of Mirabeau had won EC$300,000 in the same game.

On Friday, 25th August, a media handover ceremony was conducted at the NLA’s Main Office on the Carenage to present the top prize to Mrs. Jones’ son – Garvin, on her behalf.  Speaking at the prize-giving activity, the rather-excited son said, “We’re a close family of seven; and whatever is hers, is ours.”

Mr. Jones described the actions leading up to finding out that his mom had won the Super 6.  He shared, “I was washing my car; and heard a loud noise then the voice of my mother calling me.  She had a lottery ticket in hand.  My thoughts were that she had won a 3-number.  She was very excited, and asked me to see if what she thought she was seeing was really true.  I took the ticket to a lottery sales outlet to check it; and that’s why we are here today.  She had, indeed, won the Super 6 jackpot.”

The NLA’s Marketing Manager - Ms. Reecè Sam described Mrs. Jones’ winning as proof that Grenadians are, in fact, winning the regional game, making reference to Mr. Vallan Antoine’s winning – mere months ago.  “The game is played within the four Windward Islands. Already we’ve had 2 winners from Grenada for this year; and the same number in 2016 and 2015.”

The NLA’s General Manager - Mr. Geoffrey Gilbert handed over the prize-cheque to Mr. Jones, on behalf of his mother.  Mr. Gilbert said it was a very special moment for the NLA.  He noted the significance of the Super 6 Game, which provides invaluable support to the development of sports throughout the four Windward Islands.  He thanked Mr. Jones for playing the games of the NLA; and encouraged him to make very good use of the hefty prize.  Mr. Jones’ expressed that his family has no immediate plans for the funds received but promised to put it into good use. 

In closing, Mr. Jones added that because of his mother, he, too, has become an ardent player of the NLA’s games.  “Today is testimony that winning is possible, once you’re playing. To the players out there, know that your time will come, too. My mother’s time has come; my time has come; and so, too, yours will come.” 

Prior to Mrs. Jones and Mr. Antoine’s 2017 Super 6 winnings, the following Grenadian players won Super 6 Jackpots as well: Mrs. Roslyn Burris of Café Beau Hill, St. George’s in September 2015 ($325,000 which was shared with a winner from St. Lucia); Mr. Lester Peters of Gouyave, St. John’s in December 2015 ($210,000); Ms. Cynthia Thomas of Rose Hill, St. Patrick’s in January 2016 ($225,000); and Anthony Morris of Morne Toute, St. George’s ($206,081).

The Super 6 game is played concurrently throughout the four (4) Windward Islands on Tuesdays and Fridays.  It has a starting jackpot of EC$200,000.  Players select 6 numbers from 01 to 28, and each bet costs EC$3.

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