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Soubise Woman Guilty on Two Criminal Charges

  • Written by  Davis Joseph

She was brought guilty of two criminal charges; insulting language to the annoyance of Constable Basil Bernard and disorderly behavior.

Alma Lenard of Battle Hill, Soubise St Andrew was told by the court to take her two daughters and leave the courtroom and therefore she left without a sentence.

She pleaded not guilty to both charges but was found guilty on evidence produced by Constable Bernard. Bernard told the court in evidence that he was called a dirty st--k sl-t by the accused who denied using those words. The incident stemmed from a situation in which the accused was put out of the court days earlier for removing her shoes while inside the courtroom. 

The day the insulting words were used to the annoyance of the constable, the accused admitted under oath that she had followed him even though he had said nothing to her and was walking away.  At the end of the hearing, the accused, on reaching the vendors’ mall, contented that she was successful in the matter, shouted at the top of her voice repeatedly, “is prayers ah giving them, they think they could stop prayers, thank you Jesus, is prayers ah giving them”. 

Vendors at the Grenville Vendor’s Mall had waited in anticipation to hear the outcome of the matter, as many of them were present on the day of the incident.

One vendor present during the altercation gave a statement to the police as a potential witness in the matter. 

However, the prosecutor did not use that witness in the court, as the statement was never made available to the prosecutor, rather remaining in the possession of constable Calliste, something, which angered the virtual complainant. Persons who were present in court during the hearing are still baffled with the outcome and feel that justice was not served. 

In her attorney Ruggles Ferguson’s plea of mitigation to the court he asked the court to take into consideration that the accused is a senior citizen. 


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