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  • Written by  The Grenada Informer

One middle-aged farmer from the village of Loretto in St John is threatening legal action against some officers of the Gouyave Police Station whom he has accused of beating him till he went unconscious.

Curtis Thomas told the Grenada Informer last week, in the company of his son, that he is not prepared to let his ordeal go unattended, because having reported the matter to the Police, he is not satisfied that any attention is being paid to him.

Thomas said after making several complaints to the police regarding problems he was having with animals destroying his plantation and causing thousands of dollars in losses, on March 24th 2013, Police came to his home to question him in connection with complaints made against him by one of the same individuals who owns some of the animals that were destroying his crops for months.

Thomas said the officers who came to his home were all dressed in civilian clothing, never really identified themselves but indicated that they wanted to have a word with him. The farmer revealed that he was approached by the officers as he was sharpening his knife; he asked them to speak but when they refused he got up from the step and went into his house.

Thomas said while there, the officer made certain comments then asked him to come with them, but having failed to identify themselves, he refused. The officers, Thomas said, made several attempts to come into his house, but with his cutlass in his hand, he warned them not to come inside. After a long standoff, Thomas said one of the officers showed him a gun; shortly afterwards one officer rushed inside his house and started beating him on the head and on his face with the gun in the presence of his four children including a one-year-old and a seven-year-old. “I fell to the ground, with four offices over me  punching me to various parts of my body”, Thomas continued.

A son of the Farmer, Shawn Dinnah, told the Informer that he witnessed the incident, and it was not a pleasant sight having to see his dad being abused by police officers, over something that could have been avoided. Dinnah, who is quite familiar with the officers of the Gouyave Police station, said he believes that the officers went way too far for no reason. “What was most worrying, Dinnah said, after putting handcuffs on his dad and placing him in the tray of a police vehicle bloody and unconscious, one officer continued to punch him several times to his face, much to the annoyance of a female police officer who was on the scene, and asked the officer what he was doing.

Thomas said, having gotten to the Gouyave Police Station, battered and bleeding, the officers denied him the opportunity of seeing a doctor the same night, neither was he given a medical form. After seeing a doctor several days afterwards, Thomas said he was released with six charges, among them Disorderly Behaviour, Dangerous Weapon, Causing Harm. Thomas said he is seeking justice against the lawmen and has since taken his case to several departments of the Royal Grenada Police Force, including the Public Relations Department, but it seems like his complaints have fallen on deaf ears. 


Meanwhile Informer contacted the Officer-in-Charge of the Gouyave Police Station; however having recently assumed that position, he claimed that he was not aware of the situation, but promised to look into the matter. One other officer told the Informer that Thomas’ complaint might have been made a little too late, given the statute of limitations in law against these matters; nevertheless he gave the assurance that the matter was being investigated, and the appropriate decision will be taken based of their findings.

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