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  • Written by  The Grenada Informer

Two Grenadian men were made to feel the wrath of the number two Magistrate on Monday as she had them both flogged and fined, after pleading guilty to robbing a medical student, in the True Blue area last Friday.


The two men Jason Buchann, of St Andrew’s and Tony Hector of Woodlands in St George’s, were both fined $ 2500.00 each plus compensation $1000.00 each to be paid in one month in default of which they face four years in prison for ambushing and robbing a medical student, of his cash, cell, phone and other valuable documents, last Friday.

Added to the fine, the men were ordered six strokes with a cane.

Magistrate Keren Noel handed down sentence, during Monday’s sitting of the St George’s Magistrate’s Court.

According to information emanating from the court, the incident occurred just after 9:30pm in True Blue while the student was making his way home from having dinner at a nearby restaurant.

According to the report, moments before the young California student entered his home, four men who surrounded him started punching him on the face.

The report went on to say as the young doctor fell to the ground, the men then took his wallet, and cell phone and later fled the scene with $ 1300.00 in cash including United States dollars and a Samsung cell phone valued $100.00.

The two men who appeared in court on Monday was part of the four men, allegedly involved in the matter, however the police were able to recover EC $ 750,00. Plus US$ 40.00 and the Cell phone without the phone card.

Addressing the court of Monday Buchann told the court there is nothing to justify his action he was wrong and he was sorry for what he had done, the man who had some four previous convictions including two for stealing, said, he deserved to be punished.

Hector on the other hand told the court he was wrong and felt it for the victim after the act was committed.

The victim in the matter who asked not to be named told the court that he was not satisfied with the ruling of the court since he was expecting the men to be taken off the streets.

The medical student said the men were waiting to victimize someone and he just happened to be in that place at that time.

 The medical student went on further to say, that the men took away the peace, he had when he first entered Grenada.

Meanwhile apart from missing cash, the young doctor said the men also took away a number of important documents, including drivers license and bankcards.

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