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  • Written by  Mike Noel
2013 Female Champs SDCSS 2013 Female Champs SDCSS

It is widely believed that Intercol 2014 is a 3-day event but is it really so? It terms of practicalities it is, but for very good reasons. It makes no sense, therefore, for officials to defend the reality or cover up.

The fact is that today Friday, all Field Events are taking place at the Roy St. John’s Playing Field in Tanteen and the rationale is credible. The Athletics Stadium at the Queen’s Park is under construction so there is the need to move to the Cricket Stadium next door where there are no lights, meaning that the Games cannot go into dark.

As well as that, there are some shake-ups and further additions to the events this year which means that the programme would be longer. Considering that there are nearly twenty additional events this year, considering that a few more could be added next year with the Golden Celebration, considering that Intercol finals are being held today, it is appropriate to set athletes and fans minds ticking and thing of a 3-day next year, and all Intercol enthusiasts who are employed must make early application for their vacation which would coincide with Grenada’s Olympics.

There is nothing to hide or about which to be skeptical in that matter. It is therefore with good sense that many people are wondering why, in the advertisement for Intercol 2014 on the electronic media not a single word was said about today’s (first day) Field Events in Tanteen. That is not tasting very good, and maybe a few people lost their heads. As this is a first-timer, organizers probably did not anticipate that happening particularly as, since after Ivan, successive Governments were promising to have the Athletics Stadium rebuilt for the “next year” but it never happened.

All stakeholders and organizers, including Ministry of Sports, Grenada Athletics Association and the Secondary Schools Principals’ Association should start making some noise now and not wait until 2nd January 2015. They should have some pleasant surprises and some very exciting things for the Golden celebration. Feel assured that this Government and the Chinese would deliver; or would they?

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