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Unions Call Off Strike But “The Struggle Is Not Over”

Unions Call Off Strike But “The Str…

The Public Workers Union ...

Meldrum Care Services Reponds on the Death of Mr. Quashie

Meldrum Care Services Reponds on th…

Dear editor In response t...

Hermitage businessman on $50,000 bail for attempted murder

Hermitage businessman on $50,000 ba…

Twenty-two-year-old Steph...

Belmont Resident Suffering

Belmont Resident Suffering

A Belmont homeowner is co...

From A Concern To An Eyesore

From A Concern To An Eyesore

National Democratic Congr...

American Drug Trafficker Fined

American Drug Trafficker Fined

Twenty-six-year-old Ameri...

Body of Fisherman Fished Out of Carenage Water

Body of Fisherman Fished Out of Car…

The lifeless body of fift...



Driving instructors are u...

Positive Response To PWU Call Out

Positive Response To PWU Call Out

Workers under the banner ...

Government Cannot Give To One Set Of Workers Says Prime Minister

Government Cannot Give To One Set O…

Grenada’s Prime Minister ...

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9 Join the LIME Scholarship Family

  • Published in News

Nine new students have been added to LIME’s scholarship programme.

The prominent telecommunications company continues to offer support to the nation’s children by providing them with the means to attend secondary school. This year’s version of the annual scholarship programme award ceremony was hosted on Tuesday August 18 at the Grenada Trade Center annex, Morne Rouge, St. George’s. 


Female Farmer Cries Following Destruction

As unattended animals continue to freely distress crop farmers, one woman who recently became a victim of this growing menace is calling on the authorities to unleash more power into the hands of the affected parties.

Luenda Julien of Mt Pleasant was moved to tears early Sunday morning when she looked at the devastation that was dealt to her garden by stray cows.  Speaking to Informers inside Carriacou, she pointed out that the destruction to her garden was done between midnight and early morning.


How to Desecrate a National Treasure - CONCORD WATERFALL IN PERIL!

  • Published in News

It was with indescribable horror and outrage that I saw what has been done to the Concord Waterfall when I went past on my way to my father’s lands in the Concord Mountain recently.  From the age of four, I walked up and down that mountain road from our home in Concord Four Roads en route to Bois, Mt. Gistain and Okah.


Cadet, Top Performer In CXC Exams 2015

  • Published in News

It is not by chance that Khalil H. Buckmire topped the CXC Exams for 2015. The Presentation Brothers College-PBC student who wrote 15 subjects and achieved 13-ones and 2-twos with 7 distinctions, was not only a good student with very good parental guidance, but he was a Disciplined Cadet. 


Disparity and neglect at the (Mirabeau) Princess Alice Hospital in Grenada

First, this single nurse would have to triage the patient while the doctor is waiting on the nurse and the patient. 

Secondly, she would have to attend to the door of the emergency room where patients are constantly checking in for treatment. 

Thirdly, she has to do stale dressings since there is a prescribed day in the week for that type of dressings. That should be handled at the district level but management insists that it should remain at the PAH. Therefore, the patient in triage and the patients waiting for attention now have to wait longer for medical attention while this is done. 


Axcel Finance Undertakes Largest SME Survey

  • Published in News

It has been said that the informal economy, which typically consists of small and micro-enterprises, is often left out in surveys and data gathering in the market. And while several international studies on the SME sector were made in the larger Caribbean islands, the OECS region has typically been overlooked. 


Shortpree In A Class By Himself

It’s now an undisputed fact that groovy artiste Shortpree has the highest level of comprehension on what is required to capture the title in this genre of competition at Spice mas.

The tall elegant and graceful performer stormed the field again at this year’s competition to become the first artist in history to secure back to back wins and third title overall.  Many felt that last week Friday night’s title should have been his fifth overall but that’s for another discussion.  


EDITORIAL: Eyes On The World

Global developments continue to baffle the leadership of much more developed countries than ours in the Caribbean. 

Imagine how it has the potential to affect us in this part of the world that are less accustomed to some of the escalations we are witnessing globally and therefore are less prepared to deal with them.

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