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Farmer Suspects poisoning as 3 CATTLE FOUND DEAD

Farmer Suspects poisoning as 3 CATT…

Lennard Thomas, Buenos as...

Unions Demand Pensions Be Restored

Unions Demand Pensions Be Restored

Three labour organization...

Grenadian Boxers at OECS Championship In St Lucia

Grenadian Boxers at OECS Championsh…

A powerful and confident ...

Legalize Marijuana Now… Says Anslem  Clouden

Legalize Marijuana Now… Says Anslem…

In attorney at law Anselm...

Real Value Supports Tivoli Drummers

Real Value Supports Tivoli Drummers

Prominent local cultural ...

“Incompetence And Sabotage Fear At Elections  Office”  Cries Andrew

“Incompetence And Sabotage Fear At …

The National Democratic C...

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PETERS PIECE: Jam Brakes Ferguson and Alexis, Jam Brakes

I am somewhat hurt and disappointed but I will not throw my hands in the air just yet. These things happen you know, and though one may not be able to assert the exact reason, thing is, they do happen.

What am I ranting on about now? Dr. Francis Alexis and Ruggles Ferguson; two men I always respected and admired for their seeming calm and controlled demeanors and the appearance that they always seemed to have things under control.


Constitution Reform: The Process & The Announcement Of Referendum Date - Part 1

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Since independence, successive governments have embarked on processes intending to conclude with the reform of the Grenada Constitution. The main argument being that the people of Grenada were not sufficiently involved in the formation of the current Constitution so that, there isn’t a sufficient bond between the people and their Constitution. In more recent years, others have argued that Constitution reform is needed to bring the Constitution more in line with modern constitutions on issues such as gender equality and protection of the environment. 


Education For Development

As the nation’s children prepare to return to school, it just might be a good time to peer a little more closely at the general education system in Grenada and make some observations.

This editorial will begin by making the point that it was a wise decision by the Tillman Thomas National Democratic Congress administration to add Human Resource Development to the official name of the ministry and a mature decision by the present administration to keep it like that.


Electoral Office Brings Referendum Officials Up To Speed

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The Presiding Officers and Poll Clerks who would be charged with the responsibility of ensuring that the October 27th Referendum elections is free and fair, are Today much clearer on their respective roles.

The 14 presiding polling clerks across the 14 polling stations were on Thursday brought up to speed on what would be required of them during the process. 


Grenlec Delivers Project To Dover Gov’t School

When the staff and students of the Dover Government School return for the start of the new school year in September, they would be doing so in a safer and a more comfortable environment.

This as the Carriacou Branch of the Grenada Electricity Services (Grenlec) has for the second straight year, won the Companies annual Grenlec Back to school proposal Program.  


“Tell Dr Mitchell Call It Now” NDC Andrew

“If Doctor Mitchell calls himself man, tell him to man-up and call the elections now.

“The electorate of this twin isles constituency and the country just waiting to vote his entire administration out of office.

“And he is fully aware of this and is therefore fearful to ring the bell although he seems to be considering doing so now.


The Drones are Coming

Concerns are raised about strange unidentified flying objects (UFOs) seen in the Grenada night skies with lights flashing like giant mutant fireflies.  

But the objects observed are drones, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) created by human artificial intelligence (A.I.) and robotics and spreading worldwide. Reported sightings come from the southlands, sometimes elsewhere, and Grenada is not alone.  The Dominican Republic estimates over 5’000 drones fly its airspace and Barbados imposed a crackdown on inflows.  


St Georges Man On $340,200.00 Bail

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A fifty-two year old man who hails from the village of Queens Park in St. Georges was nabbed during a drug burst on the Snug Corner public Road on Sunday, uncovering some one hundred and fifty pounds of Marijuana and has been placed on three hundred and Forty Thousand two hundred dollars ($340,200.00) bail.

 Chief Magistrate Tamera Gill handed down the bail bond on the accused man Valista Francis at the number one Magistrate Court on Wednesday, where he made his first appearance since his arrest on Sunday.


St. Davids resident on a sex related charge

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St. Davids resident Rawl Roberts who appeared in court on a sex related charge; that of having Sexual intercourse with a minor under the age of 16 was granted bail, in the sum of twenty-five thousand dollars with two sureties.

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