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The lucky stars came out in a chamber of protection for James Alexis, when his vintage vehicle refused to respond to his command on Tuesday morning and rushed across the busy L’Esterre Street, bursting through the front of a popular shop and exiting at the back, before coming to a halt after landing on the ground.
Mr Alexis, who is better known as “Knock” was descending from the steep Morne Jaloux road in his antique cream-coloured 1969 Chevrolet Malibu, which bears the registration number, PJ477, when he said the steering wheel became stiff and brakes refused to work, leaving him with no choice but to smash through the building.
The incident occurred sometime around 7:45 a.m., and many are thanking God that there was no oncoming traffic at the time and that those who were standing at the front of the shop awaiting transportation for work, school and other errands had reportedly departed moments before.
The 72-year-old from the southern community of Hermitage was taken to the Princess Royal Hospital with minor lacerations.
However, he was complaining of pains in his back following the frightening incident.
There are reports that he was ordered to undergo a series of ultrasounds to ensure that there were no internal injuries.
The loud noise of the impact instantly attracted a large crowd of onlookers with some commenting that the tough nature of the vehicle’s body saved Mr. Alexis from sustaining more serious visible injuries.
“Had it been one of the modern vehicles, which are so soft, he would have been worse,” was the common expression of those who stood in amazement at where the vehicle came to its final stop.
Head of the Traffic Department, Corporal 652 Wells is leading the investigation into the accident.

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