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The effects of the global pandemic, Covid-19 did not hinder two grade six students of Alpha Junior School and St. Andrew’s Methodist School from performing exceptionally well for the island at the 2022 Caribbean Primary Exit Assessment (CPEA) examinations, both obtained scores of 483 points.

Grenada Informer on Tuesday visited the schools and spoke to the students. At the first stop at Alpha Junior School, top performer Anthony Medford expressed that he felt excited over the performance. He said preparation was challenging at the beginning, and he thought that he couldn’t do it but he’s pushing through the obstacle, and he succeeded in the end. Anthony will be attending his first choice of school, the St. George’s Institute

The proud parents of Anthony told us that their son had told them in past conversations that one of his goals was to top the CPEA one day and his results mean his goal became a reality, both parents expressed how ‘super proud’ they are of Anthony’s achievement noting that going into the exam there was no pressure for him as he was well prepared, with the extra effort he garnered for himself at home, they weren’t too worried because they knew his potential and expected him to do well.
“For him to have done this well was a bit surprising, I’m basically on cloud nine and so happy for him” Daddy Medford shared.

The other top performer, from the St. Andrew’s Methodist School, was Calvin Clyne who also amassed 483 points. He told this paper that he was very happy and proud of himself for his accomplishment, boasting that one of his goals was to be the top performer for his school. In terms of challenges, Calvin noted that two exams were easy while in the other two, he encountered slight problems with, and in relation to his studies. He shared that he didn’t allow Covid-19 to deter him from finding ways to put his academics into focus in the household and use the skills that he learned to apply to the examination. Clyne aspires to be a doctor and will attend the St. Andrew’s Anglican Secondary School

Two students of Alpha Junior School, Michael James and Taajha Snagg tied for third position obtaining 482 points.
With 100% success, the Principal of Alpha Junior, Stephanie John expressed thankfulness on the behalf of the students and staff that her students performed well. She’s extremely proud of them and is eternally grateful for the sacrifices made by the staff and parents of the school. This year, she indicated has been a very challenging year for them as they constantly looked for ways to keep their students engaged and on task and after all of such challenges encountered, the students were able to perform excellently.

According to proud Principal John, about 59% of their students placed in the first 200. She described the achievement as sensational, noting that previous results for Alpha Junior have consistently seen 50% of their students in the top two hundred. “The coveted spots are great to have, but we want to have our students know that there is excellence in them, we want our students to go on to lifelong learning, we want our students to understand that we won’t rest until everybody is giving their best” she commented.

St. Andrew’s Methodist School mustered another top performer in Jadon Harford who placed fifth with a total of 480 points. He stated that the assistance and motivation of his teacher and parents and family members pushed him and he is very proud of himself for being among the top performers at the CPEA. Harford will attend the St. Andrew’s Anglican Secondary School in the new term.

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