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Six years after murdering his fifteen-year-old Sister-in-law and burying her body in some bushes close to his matrimonial home in the village of Good Hope, St. George, accused Demilyn Murray AKA Dumpling, will know his fate on July 29th 2022, when the Supreme Court of Grenada reconvene to decide his future or lack thereof.
Murray, who was due to be sentenced on Monday, had his matter adjourned to Friday 29th after the Presiding Judge, Justice Paula Gilford, based on information emanating from a social inquiry report, decided to have a psychiatric as well as a psychological assessment conducted on Murray before proceeding with sentencing.
A twelve-member jury panel found Murray Guilty of Capital Murder in March of 2022, two years after an earlier trial failed to reach a verdict, forcing High Court Judge Justice Paula Gilford to declare a mistrial. In March, however, the Jury reached a unanimous decision within two hours of deliberation, leaving Murray’s fate in the hands of the presiding Judge.
The former hospital worker was arrested and charged days after the lifeless body of his sister-in-law was discovered. She was reported missing three days earlier and last seen alive in the company of Murray close to the area where her body was discovered.
An autopsy carried out on the body subsequently revealed that Brittney died as a result of strangulation.
Rumours circulating at the time hinted that Murray was slapped with a charge of rape months prior brought against him by Brittney and that a preliminary hearing was due to commence days before she went missing.
Evidence emanating from the court during the first of the two trials revealed that Murray was part of a search team that included family members and residents from the village of Good Hope looking for the missing teenager. It later turned out that he was then labelled the lone suspect and subsequently convicted.
Shortly after Monday’s court adjournment, Murray’s wife told reporters that she is wary of coming to court and is hopeful that the justice system does what is necessary to bring closure to this matter six years after the death of her sister.
Still mourning the loss of her sister, the bereaved wife told the reporter that having to come to court and look at the father of her children in the eyes, and taking into consideration what he did to her sister really hurts.
According to her, all she wants is closure for herself and her family, especially her mother, who continues to grieve the loss of her daughter.
With a conviction of Capital Murder, Murray faces the maximum sentence of death by hanging. Justice Paula Gilford will make that final decision next Friday.

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