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Grenada Informer Friday May 17th 2024 Grenada Informer Friday May 10th 2024

Residents of St Andrew are looking forward in anticipation to the hosting of the 2022 Calypso finals on Carnival Thursday at Progress Park in St. Andrew.
The idea was embraced by a number of persons in St Andrew as a brilliant idea however while there is some negative feedback the general consensus is that the need for the decentralizing of carnival events should be pursued.
Over the years, calypso semifinals have taken place at the Victoria Park in Grenville as an alternative venue and this is because the seamoons pavilion which was the established venue for that event is yet to be reconstructed.
According to persons, the way forward for this dying art form taking into consideration that over the years calypso finals have had dwindling support is to limit competing events on the night before. Many are of the view, that persons participating in white in the Moonlight and Pure white, are sometimes too exhausted to attend Calypso finals.
Many of them is believed used the time to rest for J’ouvert, Monday morning, hence a change in venue and date may make a difference.

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