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Chopping in Mt Horne, elderly man hospitalized

What may have started as a simple altercation between two Mt Horne residents, quickly escalated into violence over a week ago when one man inflicted a serious wound to the other with a sharp instrument.
Police in Grenville are investigating the chopping incident and one man has since been arrested and is likely to face a grievous harm charge.
It is still not clear why a simple conflict escalated into such uncontrolled violence a villager from Mt Horne told the Informer but the victim is an elderly man and he only survived by the mercies of God.
Following the chopping, the victim laid in a pool of blood in a serious condition as if left for dead, the man was cut below the abdomen and his intestine was showing, the villager explained.
That incident sent shock waves throughout the entire village and residents condemned the behaviour as unnecessary, “you go kill ah man for passing through you yard, that one was extreme”, the villager told the Informer.
The two men had been having problems for a while now about one using the other’s yard as a road but whether the matter was reported to the police is not known.
However, they both were in an altercation again that time and the situation became violent. “I cannot say that it was only the problem of using the yard that led to such violence or if it was something else that triggered last week’s conflict but the instrument used to cut the man’s belly, was real sharp,” she said, “he could have killed the old man”.

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